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Posted on Mon Feb 9th, 2015 @ 9:11pm by Captain Talloc Hagen

Hey Gang

Okay, there is a thing I have noticed. that is a lot of people aren't logging in or posting.

Our rules state that you must log in at least once a week and make a contribution to a post and make a post at least once a fortnight.

Those of you know who you are, some of you have not posted in nearly a month, and some have not logged in in the same time.

If you have issues with the site, you need to let us know, simply disappearing leaves a position that could be filled by someone else.

If you need LOA, you need to let us know, as LOA removes your posting and log in requirement.

I am concerned about the sudden drop off in posts, so if something has happened please let me know confidentially.


The Captain


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Category: Sim Announcement