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Site Moved

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2015 @ 10:31pm by Captain Talloc Hagen

Hey gang.

I guess your wondering what's going on. Well we have a couple of announcements.

Firstly, the ISS Vanguard has moved, hosts.

we are now at
All your details have been preserved so you don't have to re-register and I have moved over the most recent posts so their all up to date and we'll be able to keep things going.

Why did we do this? well for one thing.


Also I am happy to announce that the Vanguard is now apart of Bravo Fleets Task Force 99.

We have a few members that are nearing the 2 month mark of inactivity, If you no longer wish to be apart of the Vanguard, please let me know.

In the mission the ground teams are deploying to Corvan while Captain Sharpe investigates what happened to the Rebellion cell that was investigating the kidnappings.

Lets keep up the good work,

The Captain


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