What you leave behind.

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 1:23am by Captain Talloc Hagen

G'day Crew.

It has been a long seven years but as of my most recent post, I have taken the decision to cease the Vanguard.

After the soft reboot we attempted at the end of last year I had hoped that it would revitalise the sim after seven years.

Unfortunately it seems it did not take, and to be really honest, after seven years, even I have grown tired. The Vanguard was third sim I ran, and it survived a database collapse and about thirty crew members to be the longest running Mirror Universe sim ever created.

But I feel it is time for the Vanguard to go into Drydock.

Who knows, but maybe she might come back, but right now, I am the only person accessing the site, and there hasn't be a post this month.

I want to thank the entire crew, everyone who has every joined the ship. but its time for me to say Good bye.

The Captain.



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