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2nd Lieutenant Carone Trebar

Name Carone Lenat Trebar

Position Marine

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Furian
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 170
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Few scars adorn his face from battles he has been in. A cross across his right eye and a group of slashes on his left cheek. Well built, and physically ready for just about anything.


Spouse Laridia
Children Frescial
Father Tronic
Mother Taret
Brother(s) Drath
Sister(s) Jinett

Personality & Traits

General Overview Short talker, will kill without remorse and is deadly on single hand combat.
Will not take kindly to backstabbing and will go to any length to protect the knowledge of Furia.
Strengths & Weaknesses Seeing in the darkness
Light blindness
Ambitions Attain an army
Hobbies & Interests Killing

Personal History Unknown to all but family
Service Record Has been a merc for roughly 6 years. His planet was discovered by some mercenarys that took him aboard with promised riches. Overhearing them speak of going back to furia and selling out the location prompted him to take out the mercs he was working with in order to protect his home world from being discovered by others. At this he went on a mission to ensure that anyone that came within a certain distance of the area did not live to tell the tale. During his travels he happened upon Terok Nor where he was hired for the protection of the station. He has stayed there in service for roughly a year.