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Lieutenant Sadzhik

Name Sadzhik

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Sidzhik sports spiky hair styles with sometimes apply different colour dyes to the spikes. The usual pointed ears of a Vulcan. Sidzhik has two tattoos: one of a mystic sea creature in Romulan mythology that resembles a Dragon but features four additional arms, two on each side that is on his right bicep; his second tattoo is an ancient tribal pattern from Earth history that spirals twice around his left thigh, begins at his hip and ends at his knee. Sidzhik is physically well-defined and athletically fit; he often wears tight fitting to make others aware of it although he doesn't flaunt it.
Medical Sidzhik's left ear has a nick missing from an altercation he partaken in during his adolescence and it is clearly noticeable just before the tip; it is tender at the touch and causes some discomfort.

As part of his mission Starfleet Intelligence has put Marek Lovok through several surgeries and mental conditionings to make him believe he is a Vulcan resistance fighter named Sidzhik. Marek Lovok is a full blooded Romulan, but obviously has been altered to be as much Vulcan as possible.
The above information is for my character's backstory.


Father Verrin, but his real father is Galan
Mother Pola, but his real mother is Saeihr
Brother(s) Nirak
Who was killed by the Alliance in a raid on a Vulcan freighter on a peaceful trading mission. The Alliance believed that the transport was aiding the Rebellion.

Part of his cover story.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The conditioning has deeply buried Marek's personality enough that his planted Vulcan persona of 2/3 stoicness and 1/3 emotion thanks to the subjugation of Vulcan by the Terran Empire in it's early expansion. It was programmed that his emotions can come to the surface in bursts to show the limited brokenness of a conquered people.

Marek on the other hand was raised in the Federation thanks to his parents defection from Romulus. He had been taught about his people's brutality and deceptive nature by his parents and other dissidents that keep in touch with others. He has experienced hardship thanks to prejudice against Romulans from the Federation citizens. He had proved himself many times during the later years of high school and early Academy prep before he applied for Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Both his cover, Sidzhik and his real self, Marek will stand up for what he believes in and to support his friends when they need it. Sidzhik prides himself on his sense of loyalty and friendship while Marek however, sometimes has a hard time trusting when he meets new people, it has landed him in trouble before.
Ambitions While Sidzhik desires to make the Alliance pay for his brother's death and free his people from its tyranny, Marek lives day by day and seeks to remain that way. One day he might wish to advance up the chain of command to run Starfleet Intelligence.
Hobbies & Interests Sadly Marek has no time for such distractions from his duties but Sidzhik however when in stress he will meditate and sometimes play Kal-Toe or read novels.

Personal History Galan was officer in the military serving on Romulus and he didn’t like how his government was running the empire. He wanted to speak out against the Senate but the Tal Shiar had gotten wind of what he was planning to do, assigned an agent to him to learn about all his contacts then when ordered to kill him. Saeihr was the daughter of parents serving in the Tal Shiar and was a model of what the intelligence agency stood for. She was assigned to Galan and his radicals; she had to learn as much as possible then report back. Just one thing went wrong and Saeihr had fallen in love with him, she confessed to him her mission but instead of asking forgiveness she provided him with information to undermine both the government and the Tal Shiar. After a year or two on the run Galan and Saeihr came by Ambassador Spock’s underground movement; they assisted the couple to get off Romulus and passage to Earth. Saeihr still kept in contact with others in the Tal Shiar who felt as she and Galan did; she assisted Starfleet with several undercover missions of course having major remodeling of her appearance. Saeihr had to return to Earth when she learned she was pregnant once her missions had been completed and Starfleet Intelligence undid the alterations they did to her. At the expected time she gave birth to Marek Lovok; though neither of his parents had a surname they thought it appropriate to give one to their son as it would help him living on Earth. With the expectation of a hard life Saeihr and Galan decided to share their training with Marek from a reasonable early age; they home-schooled him till he was 8 and then enrolled him in primary school. During his home-schooling Marek was taught about Romulan culture, the good and bad done by their empire’s governments throughout history, the knowledge his father had gained while in the Military and his mother passed on her know-how from being a member of the Tal Shiar. He completed primary schooling without incident and made friendships easily; though his friends’ parents had made clear to them that he was not to be trusted because he was a Romulan. Of course his friends ignored their parents because they liked him and he liked them for he had learned to behave, feel, and look human. Sometimes he would pretend to act like a Vulcan to make his friends laugh though he did apologise beforehand to his Vulcan friends even if they didn’t appear to take offence. He often would play spy games with his friends and each would take the turn of being the target. Once they actually prevented a major accident in the school gym; a loner student had been bullied by some of the popular students and they were about to beat the student up. Marek had a plan and told his friends about it; they all agreed to what they needed to do. One of them was good with computers and quickly rigged up a vid-feed to the principal’s office; the strongest of the group went into the gym to distract the bullies while Marek extracted the loner from the trap the bullies set up. The principal saw everything and the bullies received supervised detention for weeks while Marek and his friends had been enlisted to be the principal’s eyes and ears of the playground. The group enjoyed their duties but was covert about them. The time passed quickly uneventfully and Marek, along with his friends, started secondary school were they could partially study for Starfleet Academy. All of them did of course as they wanted to be in Starfleet; Marek wanted to help the Federation stop the corrupt Romulan leadership and have the empire mend their relationship with the Federation. At 18 and along with his circle of friends Marek applied for Starfleet Academy. He had many directions but he wanted to work for Starfleet Intelligence and so he knew he had to have a background in just about everything that had to certainly boost his chances. Marek found the Hazard Team idea awesome and so put his name down for that as well as intelligence. Graduation had been exciting for Marek as he and his friends celebrated with parties. One thing he did was get two tattoos; a mystical sea creature, from Romulan mythology that resembles an Earth Dragon which features four additional arms, two on each side of its body. He got it to take up his entire right arm. His second is an ancient tribal pattern from Earth history that spirals and overlaps all over his left leg, beginning at his hip and ends at his toes. He found them a source of strength, well the mythological creature one more so then the tribal. Marek found himself already enlisted for covert operations two days out of the Academy. He wasn’t surprised that he was asked to work with the Romulan dissident movement’s contacts that come to Earth. They had plans to move many dissidents, political enemies and terrorist leaders that were jailed there off Romulus, and Remus. For about a year Marek worked undercover on Romulus aiding a Senator who was behind these plans yet the Tal Shiar and military had gotten a step behind them. Marek needed to get him off world and elsewhere in the Empire so he could continue his planning. Upon going their separate ways, on some world, the Senator expressed interest in Marek and that he looked much like Galan, who was the Senator’s son. Sadly that was the last time he saw his grandfather though he had learned the Senator’s name: Khaiel. He decided to look for Khaiel when he could as the Senator went into hiding to rally up support, Marek however returned to Romulus and continued to develop a network of contacts with different purposes before returning to Earth a year later. At age 24 he applied for a dual role in intelligence and the hazard team pretty much on any ship; he was accepted on the starship Macross and served for 4 years before he became the hazard team’s leader but still remained as a junior intelligence officer. The hazard team received infiltration and covert operations training from Marek with the Macross captain’s permission as they were later sent on undercover missions. Starfleet Intelligence ordered Marek back to Earth on an urgent matter and he was one of the desired individuals for a special operation into the Mirror universe to monitor the Rebellion. If at any possible opportunities assist their efforts to ruin the Alliance he was ordered to do so. He had a list of technology and tactics he can provide in exchange for favour from the Rebellion's leadership. Marek accepted the assignment and underwent all the training and physical alterations then was inserted into a small supply depot to work his way up.