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Centurion Aev t'Sullan

Name Aev Maec t'Sullan

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Centurion

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 80

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 195
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Aev is what would be considered average in appearance. He is not handsome nor is he ugly. Although standard training has made him muscular, he is not excessively so. His hair is cut in a simple military fashion. When not in uniform, in general he tends to wear plain, utilitarian clothing. Many of his younger Romulan colleagues have suggested that he doesn’t want to buck tradition and get in trouble. In reality, he just doesn’t care about such things.


Spouse Mhai Tela (deceased)
Children none
Father Vrih t’Sullan
Mother Isha t’Sullan
Brother(s) Hatham Qellar
Sister(s) Dhael t’Sullan
Jaeih t’Sullan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aev is a relatively unassuming individual. When on duty he is confident and a complete professional. He is what would be considered nice in this era and does not seem to strive for advancement in the ways most others do. He prefers to advance by merit rather than the death of those above him. He is prepared to defend himself, should someone try to eliminate him.
Strengths & Weaknesses +A very good engineer
+ Methodical (some say too methodical)
+Despite being an engineer, he has a very tactical and strategic mind about most things, not just war.

-Sometimes too methodical as it will hold things up when others are looking to move fast
-He is not an inherently violent individual and in this era, that can be used against him. He will defend himself and often imply violence; it is usually his last resort however.
-Susceptible to drugs more than other Romulans
Ambitions Aev constantly looks to become a better engineer. He leaves fighting and political maneuvering to others. He also wants to eventually marry again and start a family, his first marriage having been cut short.
Hobbies & Interests Various engineering pursuits, reading, staying fit to be able to defend himself, music

Personal History Aev lived in a traditional Romulan family and led a relatively simple life as a child. He was always tinkering with various devices. As was law, he entered military academy when he was 17. There he trained in various military aspects for five years and did quite well. His performance was noted and he spent another five years being trained as an officer.

His first assignment was aboard the warbird Brightwing. There he met his wife Mhai. Although it was considered a fast courtship, the two married a year later. A year later, the Brightwing was involved in a battle with a Gorn raider. The XO assumed command and due to his incompetence, the ship was nearly destroyed and Mhai was killed. When they limped back into port, Aev challenged the XO to an honor duel. Although he never expected to win and in fact wanted to lose, Aev actually managed to kill the XO. Although he never was an intensely violent individual, the destruction of the ship and the loss of his wife, reduced his desire for violence.

Aev was re-assigned to the scout vessel Amar as her third engineer. There he excelled and enjoyed his work. Not much happened on the vessel until the fifth year of his tour when during a skirmish with the Klingons, the second engineer was killed and Aev got his first promotion to sub-Lieutenant. After another five years aboard the scout vessel with no permanent black marks on his record, Aev was re-assigned to the third largest ship construction and repair yard in the Empire as her second engineer.

His first duties at the yard were being primarily in charge of repairs. In the five years he was in charge of repairs, he improved the efficiency of the repair teams to ninety-five percent. With that, he was promoted to Lieutenant and brought into the design and construction division. It was there that he excelled and in the five years he was assigned in the design and construction, he was the project lead on a project that improved Romulan cloaking devices. He also worked on projects improving the singularity drive and helped in the first drafts of a new warbird design. Given once again that he excelled and didn’t have any permanent marks on his record, Aev was sent to senior officer training at the Romulan War College.

At the war college, Aev took more advanced classes in engineering as well as tactics and leadership. In addition he was assigned teaching duties to test his leadership capabilities. All his cadets graduated with 87% or higher. Aev was promoted to Centurion.
Given that the Terran Empire was on the brink of defeat, Aev was assigned to the Nighthawk as her chief engineer. The leaders of the Empire new that it wouldn’t be too long before the Klingons and Cardassians recovered enough to turn their eyes to the Empire. Estimates for there to be war was twenty to fifty years, with some estimates even being as soon as ten years. And there were doubts if the Empire could survive such a war.

The Nighthawk’s duty was to scout Klingon and Cardassian territory. The Commander of the Nighthawk was a wise leader and Aev respected him very much. During the past twenty-six years the Nighthawk had only seen combat twice and in both times, no evidence was left behind to suggest the Romulans were involved. During the last skirmish however, the Nighthawk’s singularity drive was badly damaged. Aev managed to repair the warp core of the Klingon ship they had crippled enough to make an interface between the singularity drive and the warp core to power the singularity drive enough to be able to cloak and proceed at warp three.

It took three years for the Nighthawk to get back to Romulan space. There Aev was re-assigned. During the time the Nighthawk had been behind enemy lines, the Terran resistance had made contact with the Romulans asking for assistance. The Senate debated the request for a year before sending an answer to the Resistance.

The Romulans agreed to share their cloaking technology on the condition it did not get used in Romulan Territory. In addition, on any ship that a Romulan cloak was installed a Romulan was allowed to be on board and be part of the command crew until the war with the Alliance was over. In exchange, the Romulans got half of the territory that the Cardassians and Klingons occupied. Aev was assigned to be the Romulan representative to the Vanguard as her second officer and chief engineer while evaluating the ship to see if she could handle a cloaking device.
Service Record 2312-2317: Romulan Basic Academy
2317-2322: Romulan Officer Academy
2322-2324: IRW Brightwing, Engineer
2324-2334: IRW Amar, 3rd Engineer
2334-2344: Romulan 3rd Strike Group Shipyard, 2nd Engineer
2344-2349: Romulan War College Advanced Officer Training
2349-2374: IRW Nighthawk, Chief Engineer
2375- present: ISS Vanguard, 2nd Officer/Chief Engineer