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Ensign L'stal

Name L'stal

Position Nurse

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 4in
Weight 172
Hair Color black and white
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Moderately tall for his race. Scarred right forearm as a result of a work accident. Black and white patches of fur
Medical Scar on right forearm. Broken limbs in the past


Personality & Traits

General Overview Reserved individual due to his arduous life. He is currently taking steps to change that part of himself, with promising results. he is intent on being a a loyal and valuable crewmember.

He has been known to cut up some of the time
Strengths & Weaknesses w-still slightly reserved
fear of torture

s-strong crewmember in other regards
strong friend
Ambitions To do his Job
Hobbies & Interests Soaking up knowledge wherever possible.

Personal History Born on a alliance mining world, all he had was. His mother and father died shortly after he was born. As a result he had to find his own way in the world. As a result he was a little rebellious towards his Cardassian masters. This attitude led to multiple beatings by the butts of disruptor rifles. This led to a change in attitude. L'stal started to think his actions through and try to help his people that had recieved the same treatment. This developed into him having a knack for medical care. Aware of the laws barring his kind from an education he began to think of this as OJT.

His teenage years found the rebel in him return, but he decided to buy his time. He learned of a rebel movement in his slave camp and quickly joined. Through the last of his teens and into his twenties he participated in various activities to disrupt the Cardie hold on them. After raids he would patch up his comrades. Finally the group stole a cardassian shuttle and made their escape.

L'stal quickly made for the one biobed and brought up some medical files. He used these to expand upon his meager knowledge. After evading alliance patrols the group decided to join the terran rebellion. L'stal decided to join the imperial fleet where he became a medical officer.
Service Record Alliance mining Camp, Vulgta system

Caitian resistance cell

Terran forces