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Lieutenant Olivia Bolivar

Name Olivia Marina Bolivar

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half Risian, Half Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 120 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Stunningly beautiful, shapely, and petite, Liv is a head-turner for most species. Her face is stunningly symmetrical and delicate, allowing her to look only half as dangerous as she can be. She has stunningly beautiful brown eyes that are instantly captivating. Her hair is naturally black, and she likes to wear it down.

Her thin waist, fit build, and perfect breasts are enough to draw the jaw of most any man, and many women. She has been known to use this to her advantage.
Medical If the doctors that worked for her boss weren't so good, Liv would have many battle scars. Other than the wealth of emotional scars she hides, she is in perfect health.


Spouse Single
Father Diego Bolivar
Mother Sana Ged
Brother(s) Santino (Half-brother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Her manor and disposition, as well as her looks give the impression of empty-headedness to all who don't really know her, but she sports a great deal more brains than she lets on and is more ruthless than most would ever suspect.

Looks can be deceiving. As brilliant and capable as she is twisted and greedy, this bombshell packs a strong punch. She has the power of personal persuasion and she will not hesitate to use it. Very serious about her business, she throws herself into anything that may turn a profit, wanting to acquire wealth, power, and prestige. Though she is rough, her charm makes very many people forgive her for the terrible things she's done to them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
[+] Brilliant
[+] Driven
[+] Extremely Attractive
[+] Extremely Charming

[-] Hot Tempered
[-] Vengeful
[-] Without Remorse
[-] Only concerned with herself
Ambitions Olivia's only ambition is to ensure her own success and the success of her legacy. She wants to accumulate money, power, and prestige, in that order. Her service in the resistance, however, is much more about revenge.

Personal History Born an raised on Risa, Liv has become everything that her upbringing has made her. Her father was a very wealthy crime-lord from Earth and her mother was his Risan trophy. She grew up surrounded by mob-like figures at a time when the Alliance was desperate for unlawful allies. They didn't give her father or men like him any trouble; in fact, they gave them free reign, and they took advantage of it. It wasn't long before Diego Bolivar was running Risa through wealth, conquest, and murder, and it looked like no one could stop him.

Though Olivia remained curious about her father's business, he was determined never to let her take part. Instead, she watched her older brother, Santino, grow and become quite the underboss. He was fiercely competent, and what's more, as ruthless as his father was before him. She had always looked up to her brother, something that would change as years went on.

A proper Risan lady in every respect was what Liv was expected to be. She was to be clean, generous, strong, and sexy; these were traits she took to nicely. When she was just 17, she was promised to Gardo Mekk, a Cardassian merchant and businessman who had been working with her father. She resisted the marriage as hard as she could, but her father's word was as good as law.

Not long after their marriage, the often cold Gardo began to treat Liv very unfairly. She'd warned him that, even though she lived with him, her father wasn't far away, but he ignored the warnings. He would make a point of being rude to her in public and even went as far as threatening her with physical violence. One night, during a particularly boisterous fight, he slapped her in the face; her response was deadly.

When Liv returned to her father, having inherited her ex-husband's fortune, she demanded to be made a part of the business. He resisted at first, but when she showed him how she'd gotten away with murder, he saw potential in her he had not initially seen. He took her on in a special role as an assassin. She took lessons in piloting, martial arts, and weapons for two years before she got her first mission.

After years of achieving objectives for her father, becoming more competent, deceptive, and dangerous as she went, she supplanted her brother as underboss. A mistress of seduction, conflict, and unmistakable whit, she became known as the "Red Princess" across Risa. She was able to keep her brother at bay with difficult and sadistic assignments long enough for him to forget how much he wanted her dead.

Her life changed suddenly, however, after the Alliance sent forces to reclaim authority on Risa. The entire Risan Mob was destroyed over the course of several days. She had managed to go into hiding far away from the conflict, but when she emerged, she was told that her entire family, nearly everyone she had ever known, had been murdered by the alliance. Motivated by anger and an unquenchable thirst for revenge, Liv joined the rebellion as a pilot.
Service Record ISS Renegade - Flight Control Officer, Chief Flight Control Officer

ISS Vanguard - Chief Flight Control Officer