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Lieutenant Lenaris Kendra

Name Lenaris Kendra

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1 / 2 Klingon / 1 / 2 Bajoran
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 250 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Most people are surprised to see her stand at an impressive 6 foot 4 inches in height. She keeps her brown hair to the middle of her back. Her eyes are a sensitive brown. Her complexion is a nice tan. Her build isn't like most other Klingons. Hers is a slim athletic build.
Medical She spots a few scars from fighting with older Klingons, but she physically fit for duty


Spouse None
Children A daughter that she doesn't know about
Father Worf (not the Klingon Regent Worf (Klingon) of the House Bra'taC
Mother Winn Kendra (Bajoran)
Brother(s) Mortak (half brother – full Klingon); Bruce (half brother (twin to Janna) – Human/Klingon); Dukot (half brother – Cardassian/Klingon)
Sister(s) Janna (half sister (twin to Bruce) – Human/Klingon); T'Pul (half sister – Vulcan/Klingon)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses ( + ) Genius
( + ) Engineering Genius
( + ) Quick Thinker
( +/- ) Stubborn
( - ) Overly Aggressive at times
( - ) Holds Grudges
( - ) Very Private
Ambitions To head the Shipyards of the Terran Confederacy and have a large family
Hobbies & Interests Warp Care Model Building; Reading (Bajoran Religious Script; Klingon History; Bajoran History); Gardening; Working on any technology

Languages: Klingon; Bajorian; Cardassian; Terran (Federation Standard)

Personal History Lenaris was born in 2352 to her Worf (not the Enterprise Worf) of the House Bra'taC, a Klingon, and Winn Kendra, a Bajoran, a Surgeon. She is proud of her heritage as a Klingon and a Bajoran. Both people have rich and enlightened cultures in their own rights.

Her father is from an ancient house. They have keep the genetic information of every member sense Klingon Medicine was able to freeze true genetic samples. His family claims ties to before the founding of the Klingon Empire. After her Klingon Rite of Passage her father took some deep genetic samples and placed them into the family genetic archives. Her father's family was one of the major houses that was infected by the Augment plague, but the colony was purged by Klingon forces. House of Bra'taC was able to smuggle some of the Infected off the world and added the DNA to the family archives, and several children where also produced from those archives. Her own father is a product from the Family Archives. His DNA was pulled from a direct infectant of the Augment plague. She is unaware that her father had taken her genetic material and created a child, a daughter. She is unaware of this for he never told her.

Her mother's bloodlines are mostly verbal in nature, due to the Terran Occupation of Bajor. Those records where destroyed during this time. Her mother had joined Alliance to further her Education, that the Terran's prevented. Her mother is a very timid person and how she ended up with her father, no one knows.

Before her rite of passage her father started calling her weak and dishonorable. This started to get to her and she would fight with all her might. Her father would only laugh at her when she would try. This would only make her angrier. Then one day something in her snapped and she ended up beating her father to every inch of his life. He would be die if his 8 bodyguards where not present to pull her off of him. Those 8 men suffered several broken bones themselves, but she had suffered many injuries also.

Her father was proud and told her that had arranged a marriage with another family, because she had passed her Rite of Passage. It was her turn to laugh at him. After she meet the boy she placed him, his father, and grand father into the infirmary. Then she told her father that she walks her own path and she was going to apprentice on a ship and continue the fight for her people.

Her mother had arranged for her to go to Bajor and apprentice on the IKS Rotarran. It was here that she meet Mylar Trin Laren, she found that the Bajoran religion was still alive and well, just hidden. She, also, discovered that she enjoyed reading the Prophet's Written Scriptures, and started to really believe in the Prophets. She was transferred off the IKS Rotarran and to the planet itself to help keep the infrastructure going.

On her 18 th birthday she was reassigned again to the Qo'nos Shipyards. It was there that she found her calling, Shipbuilding and Design. She worked hard at the building of the many Klingon Warships.

When it came to light almost 5 years later that she was considered a criminal on Bajor, because of her Religious practices. She had enough time to prep a Klingon warp shuttle and she fled. The KDF around Qo'nos gave chase, but had to withdraw when the Shipyard 3, 6, and 8 all exploded at once. This knocked out all interplanetary communications, but with the debris from the explosion from the 3 largest shipyards and the ships they contained started to fall into Qo'nos atmosphere. The Klingons had to do everything in their power to destroy the largest of the pieces so they don't hit the surface.

A week after her escape from Qo'nos, she ran into the Defiant They started shooting at the shuttle. When she was able to contact the Defiant, while dodging the Phaser blasts, they accepted her surrender. Her stay on the Defiant was every unpleasant because of her heritage. But they took her to the Confederacy High Command, where she made her request to join the Confederacy. They almost refused, until she supplied them with Technical Information about Klingon ships.

The Confederacy High Command allowed her to join and they sent her to the Shipyards, after 6 months. She started to teach the personnel how to build starships more effectively.

Within a year and a half she requested to be transferred out of the Shipyards and onto a Starship. When her request was approved, after she had proven her loyalty to the Confederacy, she was surprised that she was being transferred to one of the Confederacy's Heavy Cruisers, the ISS Vanguard.
Service Record 2367 - 2373: Klingon Apprentice Engineer on the IKS Rotarran
2369 – 2373: Apprentice Engineer on Bajor Infrastructure
2373 – 2378: Qo'nos Orbital Shipyards
2378 – 2378: Guest of the Terran Confederacy
2378 – 2380: Confederacy Shipyards
2380 – Present: ISS Vanguard