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Lieutenant Brea Daar

Name Brea Daar

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 109 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Brea has a natural beauty around her; her slightly creamy skin offset the colour of her Hazel-green eyes. She rarely uses any makeup to hide or change her appearance, Brea prefers a clean and youthful face. She is proud of the slightly dark brown markings running down the sides of her face and down her body, Brea doesn’t care about the stares she gets, it reminds her that she is trill.
Her chocolate hair is actually wavy to the point of soft ringlets; it shapes her round face with slightly defined cheek bones. Though she is slightly shorter than some people she knows, her figure fits her shape and size, she has curves in the right place, but due to her being a host for a symbiont she has had to start doing a bit more exercise, this then, in turn, keeps her slim. Not many people know Brea has a slightly faded scar on her side of her hip, where she had fallen off a hovering speeder.
Medical There is a Symbiont - so both health of Host and Daar need to be considered when it comes to medical matters


Spouse nil
Children nil
Father Jader Resk (Unjoined)
Mother Ashe Resk (Unjoined)
Brother(s) nil
Sister(s) nil
Other Family nil

Personality & Traits

General Overview Growing up on a planet under the eye of an alien administrator, Brea spent a lot of time being seen and not heard by the terrains and others, and such behaviour was tailored to that environment. This young woman is generally poised and well-spoken with an almost sing/song voice, which many of her patients have noted calm them down. Though she was brought up to have eloquent speech, Brea can often become clumsy with her word and tends to ramble when she is really nervous or she won’t say anything at all and will just walk away. This is a bad habit of hers, that she either realises that she is doing or not.

Brea when in a new environment tries to keep a calm and tender air around her at all times, always trying to not put herself on people’s radar but remaining approachable. This, however, can turn at any time when a matter arises, however, there are certain things that will push her buttons or make her slightly jumpy. Her first thought, whenever something happened, is the safety of the people in her care or those she classes as friends, Brea is a protective young lady. Brea still feels that she has some growing to do, she still sees herself as young compared to others even with the shared experiences of those that come before her, one of the reasons she thinks this is because she has a habit of sometimes rushing into things and bending the rules slightly when they are needed too.

Brea always had this take charge and leadership quality around her when she is working, it had always been something that she unconsciously did and something her father tried to stamp out, however, her Symbiont has reinforced this trait more so. Brea has grown into a strong and independent woman. Since gaining her Symbiont Daar, Brea’s personality has changed slightly to reflect the gained experiences she has almost an excited air around her when it comes to things she is interested in. Brea’s isn’t afraid of a good debate when it is needed and now will not be afraid to voice her opinion.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Her collective and shared experiences make Brea slightly more useful then she would have been without Daar. There is political knowledge, a tiny amount of alliance knowledge and the knowledge of how to pilot shuttles (nothing bigger than that, though). Brea like to think she is a quick thinker, good in pressure type situations and a strong physician. Though small in stature she does actually throw a decent punch when needed.

Weakness: She can become slightly excited when it comes to her passions, which makes her have tunnelled vision issues. Because Brea has become bonded to her symbiont, she now cannot survive without it and if anything was to happen to her or the symbiont both will die. New things, new races she has never encountered are also a weakness of hers as all she wants to do is study them, either by opening them up or testing them against mental, physical or environmental objects to see how they adapt. Brea can also be slightly OCD beds need to be straight and sheets need to be tucked in correctly, this comes from the host before her, who liked things in a particular order.

Fear: Brea is not a fan of transporters, she will shut down and get the shakes if forced to use one, and if she can she will fly to wherever she needs to be, she will over those death traps. This fear comes from the first host, where the technology wasn’t up to par and some of the symbionts had ended up dead due to transporting problems.
Ambitions Ambitions: Having the luxury of a longer lifespan than terrains Brea’s ambitions are not so pressing as others. She does not have the desire to command a ship or other things similar to that. Actually, the young Trill wants to learn, she wants to discover what makes different races tick and make them special. She had no care for the rise or fall of the Empire, after all, she has come from a planet that has remained neutral throughout all this mess of the war. Brea does have a soft spot for the advancement of her planet if she was being honest.
Hobbies & Interests Klingon martial arts – this hobby is something she has done since the second host.
Reading old terrain fiction- Bad romance fiction is her favourite and has been a hidden secret of host number one.
Different Races – this is why she is a doctor, what better way to learn about different races, by fixing them when they are broken or breaking them more.
Baking – Brea herself before the joining always enjoyed cooking, after all, if she didn’t do it her father would never actually eat.

Personal History Brea’s History

Nearly Brea’s entire life has been spent in the care of her father, an educated man and one who heads up one of the Trills main science institutes. Her mother did not last long after the birth of Brea, but though it was a tragic loss, her father made sure Brea grew up with the memory of what her mother was like, photos where ever he could and small trinkets kept in her room.

Brea grew up on a neutral planet, they didn’t really involve themselves much in the outside war between the alliance and empire, though her race is still slightly sore over the destruction of the ceremonial caves. Brea only understood the political meaning behind the destruction later on thanks to Daar. To Brea Trill had a neutral stance, working for whoever paid them the most or offered the planet something that would benefit it. Brea (before joining) only remembers early on when there was a terrain administrator on the planet, however, he didn’t push things too much, having a rather easy life on the planet and highly likely got paid a good amount of money to look the other way.

Brea’s father prided himself on education, so he pushed his only child, letting her develop a curiosity about things and always encouraging her to learn anyway she want. He found out that Brea was more a hands-on learner, preferring to get into the thick of things, instead of only reading about it. Though her father encouraged her to grow in knowledge, Brea also learnt early on the importance of responsibility and she stepped up to take that off her father. He began working slightly more, so Brea would always make sure he ate well, slept enough and took care of himself. Some would say this is where Brea started to take an interest in health, she would say that it was just what any daughter would do.

Brea always excelled in the biology base subjects, this was where her interest in health started to come about. However, it wasn’t as holistic as some would think, Brea saw medicine and health as a hands-on window into biology. So with her father’s blessing and a small condition that Brea put her name in the pool to be a host; which was seen as a huge honour due to the decreased population of symbionts, she agreed and pushed herself more to get the marks needed to go into medicine. It was a momentous day for Brea when she got into the selective medical program. It was going to take four years of her life but that didn’t matter, so long as it came to the outcome she wanted, a doctor that can leave the planet and work for either the alliance or the resistance.

It was almost the end of her medical degree when Brea found out she was selected as a host for the Daar symbiont. He father was so proud, being an unjoined Trill he always had hoped to experience the shared collective memories of a joining but his time never came, so is daughter being selected was the next best thing. To Brea however she was slightly scared, she knew the percentage of being chosen for a joining was low, but never thought she was smart enough or colourful of a person enough to attract the attention of the elders. She also understood that outside of the planet that she would have to keep her mouth shut about the joined part, after all, she wouldn’t what people to know that due to past behaviour of the terrains.

The day of the joining was interesting however, she went to one of the smaller undestroyed pools to accept the Daar Symbiont. She never experienced something as whole and filling as the moment she became joined and known as Brea Daar. The experiences of the past host seemed her own, the little quirks and traits adopted in her everyday life, she was different but not at the same time.

The finishing medical school would have been a new experience for Daar and knowing that her symbiont has travelled, it made things easier for Brea to leave her father and Trill, to explore for a moment as a freelance doctor. She jumped on a merchant ship and started her adventures from there until the ship ended up on Terok Nor.

Host One: Garreth Daar

Garreth was the first host of Daar, he was a notable and vocal politician who lived well into his years, dying of a medical condition. Garreth was one of the politicians on Trill that campaigning against the occupation, he would support Curzon in some things but also push his own agendas.

It was during Garreth lifetime when the Empire found out about the symbionts and their intelligence, he saw it as a risk because if a trill symbiont retained important information, what would stop the Klingons from becoming a host and learning it all. So an order was placed for the Caves of Mak'ala to be destroyed, half for symbolic reasons to stop any uprising and the other half was to cull some of the symbiont populations. That wasn’t where the Emperor had stopped, those vocal and high-ranking trills who are known to have a symbiont were given execution orders. Garreth got words of the orders and what was going to happen, he warned others in the council as all of them where the host, but didn’t get there in time, now all he could do was escape.

So Garreth managed to make it to another planet, one lucky enough to hold the Oden symbiont – which to normal trills are a more primitive offset of them, due to the fact that the symbiont takes full control of the host and not share experience, so to them they do not advance and grow. Garreth was surprised that they were accepting of him being there, but he had no power, he felt the only reason they were accepting was because he was joined and they possibly did not understand how trills work. It was interesting to see how their system worked, however, a slave/body cast were they were only bread to be a vassal for the next Oden symbiont.

A few years past and Garreth had adjusted to a life outside of the spotlight and just living that was until a medical condition snuck up on him, he was dying and Oden trills had no technology to fix him. They actually asked why he doesn’t just get out of that body and into another one, this was when Garreth realised there was nothing that could be done and he should look at the potential candidates, to pick someone appropriate and not just a body was thrown at Daar.

Host Two: Tyrell Daar

Tyrell was a member of the Oden race, he knew from the moment he could speak that he was the breed, for one thing, to be a vassal for a symbiont. He didn’t like this idea, after all, it meant that he would be pushed into the corner of his own mind. So Tyrell trained himself and educated himself, to be as useless as possible, after all, if you’re in a job that throws you in harm’s way very unlikely to be picked. Though Tyrell could not read or write, he did not see himself as dumb, he was quite intelligent in a different way, survival and curiosity.

Tyrell met Garreth when it was an annoyance that he was dying. He played bodyguard and assistant to the frail man, at first there was no communication between the two men, but Garreth was always charming and could get people to open up and talk. This was where Garreth felt sorry for the young man, he wants to travel, experience things and live a life, not just be a waiting box.

When Garreth passed away, he left instructions for Daar to be implanted into Tyrell. To Tyrell this felt like a betrayal, it was a stab in the guts because this man knew he did not want to be a host; after all, to him, it meant the end of him. He was dragged to the joining room, even though Garreth let him know it would all be okay, Tyrell didn't listen to him this man was any longer his friend. However, when the joining was complete it was a huge shock to Tyrell what has happened, he was in control but felt like he had gained so much. He now understood why Garreth was saying it was going to be okay, he had part of Garreth in him. Daar had actually let him see the man’s life and Tyrell could feel the longing of heading back home to Trill.

Being free from the Slave Caste meant that Tyrell could do whatever he wanted and having the similar genetic makeup to Trills he knew that he would not have any issue with Daar but cannot be separated until death. Tyrell made plans to head back to Trill but thought he would go the long way about it. He became a free agent working for whoever paid the most or offered the best experience, like hunting down imperial treasures through to assassinating people; this is one of the reasons he learnt to fight like a Klingon. He worked with a wide range of groups from the alliance to small resistance cells.

Tyrell also learnt how to fly, so he didn’t have to rely on jumping onto merchant's vessels or lifts anywhere he wishes. He accessed funds from Garreths accounts to buy the ship and staff it with two other crew members, one a terrain who was only out for profit and gain and the other an Andorian who only wants blood. They came in handy when Tyrell got himself into trouble, especially one where he was mortally wounded, they took him back to Trill at his request and so that Daar could be placed into another, joined properly in one of the Trills surviving pools.

On arrival back in Trill the two crew members wanted Tyrell to have treatment and keep living but he knew for the health of Daar he needed to do this, it would be too much stress and he was worried Daar would not survive. It was bred too much into him that the survival of the symbiont was more important than the host.

Host Three: Teela Daar

Teela was Daar’s next host, she had actually grown up seeing Garreth as a political figurehead, the destruction of the caves, terrains to Klingon administrators. She wasn’t the typical age when it came to joining, she was a special case and like the generation, she grew up in saw this as a massive honour even if it is only for a short time.
Throughout her life, Teela learnt the type of power a woman can hold, seductive and alluring power. She learnt the play behind the scenes and use that power to push the men she played with slightly in the direction she wanted them to go. She was a hidden mistress with another woman to the terrain administrator, it was between the two of them that he stayed happy, with the girls and money he kept his eyes turned the other way letting Trill have as much freedom as they can. Teela had no love for the Terrain man, in fact, she couldn’t stand to touch him, due to his selfish and easy to blind nature, he actually sorts of bored her.

When the Terrain’s abandon Trill, she felt finally the planet had a chance to freedom and neutrality. However, she saw one problem with that and it was the council was gone and there were no leaders to head things, well there where people clambering for top roles but she thought them all powerless, especially with the alliance breathing down their necks now for control of the planet. A Cardassian was made the administrator of the Trill home world start, Teela could see there slight disinterest in the planet. So she spoke to the only person she thought that could help, the head of Science and one of the trills that run a large merchant company, they both said they can support a few people in becoming elders if she can help woo the Cardassian into sitting in with a meeting. A plan was put into action and a month later Teela was hanging off the arm of the Cardassian's arm as she leads him into a room with three other people, they sat across from the new elders.

That day was historic for them, the Cardassian had agreed that they will leave Trill, let them have their neutrality based on a trade agreement. The alliance thought they were getting a good deal, after all, the Trill have always remained private even when under the Terrains and have always made high-tech products so they thought that was what they were getting out of the deal. Truthfully there was no difference after all Trill has always sold and dealt with both sides and this was not going to stop for them.

When the Cardassian was leaving, he requested Teela to follow and go with him, but she declined instead saying she will keep a place warm for him whenever he visits Trill. She found him more exciting than the terrain man she spent time with, she actually just saw this one a man and not a different race. In truth, she actually asked him not to speak a word about his work to her so that she has nothing to tell or say if anything happens.

Their relationship continued for a little while longer, until the Alliance made it impossible for him to travel the distance. It was a little heartbreaking to her but without being attached to a member of the alliance, a new door opened. She was picked to become a member of the Elders council, this surprised Teela because the three members where all surviving joined Trill, she found out the job came with a symbiont and not just any, Daar. They wanted the collective knowledge of Garreth in the Elders council since Daar and him were big in voicing their thoughts on a neutral and independent trill.

So from that day Teela took on the role of an Elder and being host to Daar, this proves to be the right choice. The experiences and passion of Garreth infused itself in her, making her a stronger swayed in the ruling of Trill.

Teela had heard the word of her Cardassian lover dying, the loss was a new experience for her because while there relationship was one of distance there was still great love and fondness there. Because of this sense of loss, she wanted to step down and pass Daar onto someone more worthy, though Daar itself tried to convince her otherwise. It didn’t chance Teela mind, she decided to go through the joining and she wanted to pick the person herself, finding the daughter of the science sector quite edible and different from all of the other host before her.

Service Record Nil military service

Medical School on Trill