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Knight-Sister Acolyte Kiara Hartford

Name Kiara Hartford

Position Recurring Characters

Rank Knight-Sister Acolyte

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (gene Altered)
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5"7'
Weight 118lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Being gene altered comes with perks Kiara is lean, fit and attractive. She has an thin hour glass figure, no scars present on her skin which is pale almost alabaster, no matter how much she spends in the sun her skin does not change. Her hair is Blonde and tends to be straight with a slight wave at the end, normally her hair is left out when on the ship - however on missions it is pulled back into a French braid which was a normal hairstyle worn in the order.

Kiara tends to wear her black imperial leathers all the time for training and missions the difference is, is that on the ship there is no leather collar or corset, but the belt with her dagger and pain stick is present. On missions the Collar and Corset appear on - though it looks to be made of leather it is protective armour, the one piece suit is thermo regulating and the collar with corset are energy damping to protect vital organs these are slightly strong to the front on melee attacks.
The next item she wears is her Ceremonial clothes consisting of a dark skirt with two splits at the front, black corset and half jacket that has a hood attached to it, this hood is normally worn up to hide the face of the woman behind it. This item of clothing is rarely seen by the public and normal for citadel wear.
Medical Kiara is an Augment so does not have medical problems instead medical enhancements. She was designed to be agile and five times strong then the normal man. The order did not augment intelligence as they wished for followers and not people who will question them, they did however take children that where smart in there own rights. All members have an enhanced immune system, that works over time to combat infections and diseases, they are also resistant to some toxins and poisons due to this enhanced immune system and well as through child hood being exposed to them regularly.
Kiara has better hearing and eye sight then most due to the augments.


Spouse Nil
Children Nil
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown (but see Grand Cleric as such)
Sister(s) The other blade sisters in her order.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being one of the last surviving members of the Imperial Order of the Sisters of the Blade, Kiara holds the legacy of those that protected the Emperor and the Holy Relics of the Terran Empire.nRaised from birth in the belief of Terran superiority over all other races, Kiara has a hard time accepting that the Empire she served so diligently has fallen