S02E01: Rebirth

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The ISS Vanguard having served with distinction for three years has returned to its home base for a much-needed refit. After a year in port the Refit is drawing to a close, and as new crewmembers join the ship, Captain Talloc Hagen decides to take the ship out to get the crew reacquainted with their new home

Part of Season Two

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S01E01: Supply Run

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Even before the Vanguard was scheduled for launch, the ship was called up for immediate status as the Resistance bases in the Badlands had fallen under attack, it falls to the Vanguard to break the blockade and rescue the bases as well as deliver needed supplies.

Part of Season One

S01E01A: Tis the Season

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A Brief Side Mission to celebrate the Merriment of the Season

S01E03: Relaunch

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The ISS Vanguard, battered following the traitorous actions of the former executive officer, managed to limp back to Terok Nor, where she stayed to conduct repairs. Now she is ready to resume duties and take the fight back to the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance

Part of Season One

S01E2: Ghost Fleet

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Since the Fall of the Terran Empire, there was always rumours, myths that not all of the Imperial Fleet had fallen. When the final battles of the Terran Empire, the last stand of Wolf 359 happened and portions of the fleet did not appear, it was believed by many that they had been destroyed enroute. Since then reports of a 'Ghost Fleet' had been seen by both the Resistance and the Alliance. Now the Vanguard was on the search for it

Part of Season One

S01E04: Dark City

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The ISS Vanguard has been tasked with supporting a covert operations on the lawless City-World of Corvan when things all start falling apart.

Part of Season One

S01E05: The Castle

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The ISS Vanguard has been dispatched to Station Nova Octanus. A Fortress Asteroid colloquially known as The Castle.

It is the bastion commanded by Imperial Warlord D'Angelo. The last of the Imperial Warlords and commander of an impressive fleet of Imperial Warships...

And he wants to talk.

Part of Season One