ISS Vanguard    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Bridge   The heart of a star ship - the command center
Captain Day Cabin   (aka- the captain ready room) Where the Captain conducts his affairs and try's to get work completed
Observation Lounge   Where mission Briefings occur, VIP's to wait or anything in-between
XO's Office   The second in command hides out here, reading though the department reports
Chief Science Officer Office   When the CSO isn't conducting experiments they are found here
Chief Medical Officer Office   Is the Doctor in - Located in the sick bay it is here so the doctor can see all
Military Commanders Office   He trains himself hard and them hard - this does not mean he doesn't have a room to plot and plan
Chief Intelligence Office   The Intelligence office also plays the office for the Chief political officer as the role is held by the same person
SickBay   The main medical bay - care not all the doctors care about healing the sick
Stellar Cartography   One of the parts of the science department where star maps are look at
Captain Mess Hall   Invite only to this mess hall - its the captains own private eating and drinking area
Officers Mess   The place where officer's wine dine and eat, without the enlisted crew getting in the way
Crew Mess hall   The rest of the crew sit here, relax and enjoy a meal
Transporter Room   Sending you to wear you want to go
Engineering   The Levels of the Main Engineering - where the grease monkeys hang out
Brig   Been naughty - you will spend plenty of time in here then
Halls of the Ship   The long halls have a design to them too you know
Captain Quarters   Where the captain sleeps - do not disturb
Senior Officers/VIP quarters   Department heads and very important people get to sleep in these suites
Junior Officers quarters   Junior officers and rest peacefully here
Enlisted Quarters   The bed room of the crew- sharing is caring
Agony Booth   The tool of the Captain, Marine Commander and the intelligence officer - end up in this booth and experience pain