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Posted - part 1

Posted on Wed Aug 10th, 2016 @ 6:02am by Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs

Lucas was on a layover on one of the confederacy outposts when he got the news that his transfer to the Vanguard had been approved. He immediately headed to the outposts CO.

Lucas walked into the office of Commander Petrie He introduced himself and sat down.

"Congratulations on your posting, Lieutenant. The Vanguard is a fine ship."

"Thank you, sir, I'm looking forward to serving on her. Sir. I would like to get to Terok Nor as quickly as possible."

Petrie checked his computer. "Sorry lieutenant. The next convoy to Terok Nor doesn't leave for 6 weeks. Your invited to check out the independent freighters, but I doubt you will have any luck. The quickest way to Terok Nor passes too close to Alliance space, and no one is willing to go it alone without protection."

"If I'm delayed for more then 2 weeks my assignment might be given to someone else." He stood. "Thank you sir. I will inquire amongst the independents. Thank you for your time, sir."

"Good luck, lieutenant."

Lucas turned and left the office.

His next stop was the Independent Shippers Office to see if anyone was planning a trip to either Bajor or Terok Nor. No one was. They were all scared of the alliance ships.

Lucas spent the next 3 days talking to ship captain's to find out if any of them were planning on going. At this point, he was willing to serve on any ship that would get him to Terok Nor.

After striking out, he sat in one of the bars on the outpost, drinking. He left contact info with everyone he talked to in case they heard of someone willing to take the chance of a solo trip to Terok Nor.

He was on his 3rd glass of Andorian ale when a human female sat at his table opposite him. She had red hair that covered her collar. In any other instance he would be flirting with her. At the door, a human male stood watch.

"I heard your the eager young lieutenant looking for passage to Terok Nor."

"And you are....?"

"Catherine Becket, captain of the cargo ship Amazon." She held her hand out.

He took her hand and they shook. "Is the guy at the door one of your crew?"

Becket smiled. "My chief engineer, Fergus McCallin. He likes to keep an eye on me." Becket turned and waved off the man. "If you want to get to Terok Nor, I'm planning a cargo run in 2 days. I'm short a tactical officer, so if you want a ride, you'll have to work for your way." She placed her hand on his and smiled, "Could be worse ways to spend a trip." She winked at him.

"I'll go with you. I would like to examine your ship before we go."


"I want to know the capabilities of the ship I am to serve on. I want to know your max speed....shield strength...weapons case we run into trouble."

Becket got up, smiled at him. "Meet me at docking port 7 at 0600 tomorrow....I'll give you the guided tour myself." She turned and walked away.

He watched her leave.


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