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Posted - part 2

Posted on Wed Aug 10th, 2016 @ 7:15am by Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs

Lucas arrived at docking port 7 and 0600. He was met by Becket. "Captain."

"Lieutenant. Follow me." They boarded her ship.

The Amazon was an old confederate transport ship that had been modified over the years.

"The ship has seen better days, captain."

"Yes, she's seen her fair share of duty, but she'll stand up to fight better then anything out there now. Max speed warp 5, but McCallin gotten 5.6 out of her from time to time. We don't have the newest equipment...we had to make due with salvaged material over the years, but the shield generators will hold up, as long as we don't go toe to toe with any alliance ships. 4 phaser banks...2 forward 2 aft. At full power we can get off maybe 5, 6 shots. 1 forward torpedo tube...with 6 torpedo's in the armory. Sleeping quarters for 10, but our present crew complement is 5, 6 with you. We lost some people our last trip." Shows him the bridge. 4 stations on the bridge....captain, helm, engineering and tactical. "So lieutenant, what do you think?"

"A fine ship. Why are you so eager to get to Terok Nor alone? Why not wait until the convey is ready?"

"If I can get through, I can get a contract with the station hauling supplies. If I wait, they get someone else."

Nods. Lucas moved to the tactical console and ran some diagnostics. "The targeting program is out of alignment. I may be able to get an upgraded program on the outpost." He then moved to helm and calls up the course. "Is this the course you have planned?"


"It takes us too close to alliance territory. I recommend we alter course and hug this nebula. It's interference will mask us from any long range sensors and if discovered, we can hide in the nebula. It will add only 6 days to the trip. Once we clear this area," points to the chart, "we can go to high warp and head straight to Terok Nor."

"Interesting idea. I will take it under consideration."

"Then I will see what I can obtain from the outpost to upgrade the systems." He turned and walked off the bridge, then off the ship. Becket watched him go. McCallin walked on. "You trust him?" Becket nodded.

2 hours later, Lucas returned with some tactical and helm upgrades that he "scrounged". He went to the bridge, and under the watchful eye of McCallin, installed the upgrades. "Feel free to check my work, engineer." Lucas stood, and left the bridge.

"Damn straight I'm checking."

Lucas's things were already in his cabin when he arrived. He checked his weapons and hide them away from prying eyes. After he had put everything away, Becket arrived and entered. "Settling in nicely?"

"Small but comfortable."

"You seen much combat?"


"Man of little words. I like that. Dinner? In my quarters? Tonight?"

He nods. She smiled and left his room.

The next day, the Amazon left the outpost and started on it's way to Terok Nor. They reached the nebula and as he suggested, they stayed close to it.

The helm officer reported that there were 2 Cardiassian ships scanning in their direction from across the border.

"Keep an eye on them." Becket turned and looked at him. "Hope this works."

"Readings indicate 2 Cardiassian patrol ships. Crew complement of 7 crew each. They are moving away." Lucas looked at the captain.

2 hours later, they were still hugging the nebula.

Suddenly, the 2 patrol ships crossed the border and headed towards them.

Becket stood. "Helm. Drop to 1/4 impulse and take us into the nebula. Their scanners won't be able to detect us in there." The Amazon dropped to impulse and entered the nebula.

Becket walked over to the tactical station. Lucas looked at her. "Their staying outside the nebula...their sensors can't locate us in here. They won't enter the nebula blind...once they do, their shields and sensors will go off line."

"Engineering to captain. The shields are offline...sensors too." Becket moved to her chair and pressed the comm button. "Understood."

"Captain. If we divert power from the shields and weapons, we can augment the sensors to send out a passive scan...we can locate them."

Becket thinks about it. "Do it!" Lucas transfers the power.

McCallin enters the bridge. "Why has he transferred power without my okay?"

"I told him too! Get back to engineering!"

"I have the Cardassian ships on sensors. They are still outside the nebula." Lucas keeps scanning. "Correction....they are entering the nebula. Recommend we alter course 5 degrees port."

"Helm, alter course."

"They are attempting to locate us. They are on different courses...their trying to flush us out."

"Captain....recommend we cut power and drift."

Becket nods to helm.

"I've lost contact with 1 ship...the other is just and in front is us. Readings becoming unreliable due to interference."

"Captain...if we adjust course 2 degrees starboard, we can come up behind him."

"Helm stand by.....full power to weapons."


The Amazon slowly rises and when they clear the mist...the Cardiassian ship is right in front of them.


Lucas fires both phaser banks and fires 1 torpedo. The torpedo and phasers impact the engines of the Cardiassian ship. "Their engines, shields, weapons and life support are off line!"

"Reload torpedo tube."



The torpedo impacts the crippled ship...and it explodes!

The shock wave hits the Amazon...causing minor damage.

"2nd ship is approaching blast area. Their scanning........their firing."

The 2nd ship is holding position near the debris of the first ship.....and fighting it's phasers blindly in a wide arc trying to hit the Amazon.

"They don't know where we are. If we can get into position, we can disable them, captain."

Becket nods.

Lucas watches the firing pattern of the Cardiassian ship and sees a pattern. "We'll have one chance.....if we time it right, we pop up, disable their engines and weapons, and board the ship."

Becket looks at him. "You have the con, lieutenant."

Lucas nods at her. "Helm. prepare to come to course 165 by 76, upward pitch of 5 degrees."

"Yes sir."

"Wait....wait....NOW!" The Amazon rises up behind the ship, and disables the Cardi ship with phaser strikes on the engines and weapons array.

"We'll take a boarding party....."

"'s better I do this alone. There's only 7 of them...won't take me long. Wait for my signal." Lucas stood up, exited the bridge, stopped at his quarters, then proceeded to the transporter room. He instructed the operator to beam him onto the Cardiassian engine room. He knew that there would be only 2 engineers on duty.

He transporter over, behind the 2 engineers, who he quickly dispatched with his phaser. He started up the lone corridor towards the bridge. He killed 2 who were headed to the engine room to investigate. He arrived at the corridor that led to the bridge. He peeked out and was able to see 2 Cardiassians trying to guard the door. They fired when they saw him. He tossed a smoke grenade that hid his movements. Lucas moved stealthily towards them. He was able to get behind them. He drew his knife....slit the throat of one...then did the same to the other. That only left 1...probably the captain. He pressed the button and the bridge door opened. A voice called out, "Did you get them?" and when he saw that it wasn't his men but a human, he reached for his weapon, but before he could pull it out of his holster, the knife struck him in the throat...and he dropped to the floor...dying.

He pulled out his communicator. "Jacobs to Amazon. Ship secure. Beam over a salvage team."

By the time the salvage team was done, they had collected: 12 torpedo's; 15 assorted weapons; some intel from the computer; 2 shield generators and other items.

Becket considered it a good haul. Even McCallin was impressed.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. They entered Bajorian space and plotted a course towards Terok Nor. The bridge hailed the captain with the news. She reached for the comm button and acknowledged....then she went back into Jacobs arms.

"If you ever get tired with military life, you have a place here."

Lucas smiled...and kissed her.

2 hours later, he disembarked from the Amazon and walked onto Terok Nor.


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