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Posted on Mon Nov 14th, 2016 @ 12:03pm by 1st Lieutenant Avara Indriss & Captain Talloc Hagen

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: Captains Office

Avara slipped silently aboard the Vanguard her footfalls not making a single sound, with utmost care she seemed to melt through the ship avoiding all attention until she found herself inside the captains office, he wasn't there yet so she slipped into a dark corner to wait. She didn't want to get the captains bodyguards in trouble but she needed to maintain secrecy, at least until Kid returned, there were some people in the establishment that would be unhappy that Kid and Avara had found their way back under the command of Captain Hagen and it was important to keep it quiet until the orders had gone through and they were in position, that way any protest would be impossible to uphold.

Talloc stopped outside his Day Cabin. When he had assumed command, he had installed safeguards to his office that meant that only he or Tira could legitimately open the doors. So when he had received a notification informing him that someone had accessed his office, he knew that it wasn't either he or Tira.
The captain held up a hand to the security detail that he had ordered to the bridge, he telepathically searched the opposite side of the door, and found a void inside.

Talloc shook his head and dismissed the detail and opened the door. "I wondered when you were going to come back to the ship Avara."

Avara melted from the shadows putting away her knife, "There have been some developments, Claremonte made a play and Kid was forced to intervene." She said, Claremonte had burst onto the scene less than six months ago and already had a significant power-base. His sudden appearance, coupled with his unexpected rise to power and apparent lack of a past concerned Kid and Avara both. Until they knew who and what he was it was impossible to deal with him effectively, except to neutralize him where possible.

Talloc shook his head, he had heard about the powerplays within the Confederacy, but he was thankful that he was too far removed from them, being a senior fleet captain, to be actually involved in them.

"I do hope, that there wasn't too much of a mess to clean up when you were done."

Avara weighed her words before deciding to be relatively direct, "Claremont decided to try to kill you, even with your precautions the attempt may have succeeded, Kid sent me to make a fairly convincing argument against such a strategy. I'm pretty certain it worked." Even being as direct as she could Avara ended up falling back on circumspection as a matter of instinct. In truth the carnage she had wrought was enough to get even the civilian investigative arm of the fledgling government into action. They wouldn't find anything, but that would raise it's own questions, for the minute however, all was set to rights.

Talloc sat at his desk, he had known that there had always been an undercurrent of mistrust about his appointment and the fact that he was the defacto head of the Marines within the Confederacy. He tented his fingers in front of his face before he looked at Avara. "Did you leave any of his co-conspirators?"

"Only the ones Kid and I have a handle on, and Claremont's Provosts, I wasn't in a position to touch them." Avara replied, she'd made certain to prepare some solutions for the Provosts though, in case more "convincing" was required. "The ones I left will muddy the waters somewhat as to motive, there's little chance anyone will even discover the plot existed without one of Claremont's men spilling the beans." She added.

The Captain activated his terminal. "It is still a fine mess that you have created, though I am thankful that you dealt with it before it came to my ship, I would have preferred to have held plausible deniability. Naturally High Command already knows the two of you answer essentially directly to me, but I could have at least denied any involvement."

"Kid would say; Deniability must be sacrificed when ignorance is a threat. The fact that the ship is infiltrated by one or more agents means that you must know as much about the current state of play as possible. This is also why I'm not announcing my arrival for the minute, so that you have an extra hand on board which is free to move outside of standard circles." Avara said.

Talloc nodded once more. "The XO captured one spy the other day trying to smuggle information off of the ship. They are currently 'recovering' on the station. I sent Kestra to go retrieve them."

Avarra nodded, "Would you like me to reveal myself to the two or stay in the shadows for the minute?" she asked.

Talloc considered the request. "Both the XO and Kestra know of you, so you should meet them at the airlock when they return with the spy."

Avara thought about that for a moment, "They may prefer to come back by shuttle, so as to avoid passing though too many public areas of the station."

The Captain leant back in his chair. "The last update I got from Lieutenant Graxx was that they are linking up with Major Flagg and are taking the Girty Lue back to the ship."

"Then I'd best get hunting." Avara said simply moving to leave.


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