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Special Delivery

Posted on Thu Nov 10th, 2016 @ 7:59am by 1st Lieutenant Kestra Graxx & Commander Katrijn Anders & Lieutenant Brea Daar

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Airlock
Timeline: Current

Kestra leant against the bulkhead as her hand picked team of guards turned the corner in front of her. She had taken the instructions of the captain to heart for when they brought the traitor onboard.
She looked up when she saw the Executive Officer join them.

"Well, Commander, we ready to go collect our little spy?"

"I believe we are." the XO answered. "Hopefully by this time the stations staff have had time to get him at least to a condition where he is able to walk on his own two feet."

Kestra nodded, "It would be a shame to have him too weak to be able to survive interrogation." She turned to her guards and with a single hand gesture, they crossed the threshold of the airlock and headed for the station. They moved as a unit towards the stations medical bay. The stations population gave the black-clad marines a wide berth.
It was not long before the group entered the stations infimary.

"Doctor? Is the prisoner ready for transport?" Kestra called, standing in the centre of the infirmary, her arms across her chest.

Brea blinked a few times being addressed, it was interesting to her to see a marine in the medical bay. "Half way ready I guess will be the answer to that question" She started, tilting her head to the man standing between two security officers "he didn't want to be fully healed, I am guessing he probably thinks that if he is still injured you lot would go easy on him"

Kestra turned towards the prisoner and simply raised an eyebrow. "He obviously doesn't know what the Captain does to sabotoeurs."

The prisoner didn't make an outward movement, until a trickle of blood started flowing from his nose. His eyes slowly rolled back into his skull. The two guards quickly reacted and grabbed the prisoner by his shoulders. Kestra smiled coldly.

In a mild yet unmistakably warning tone, the Commander said simply "the Captain requested that we see our guest safely returned to the Vanguard in one piece. I suspect the Captain would also prefer he was conscious and able to answer questions."

Kestra rolled her eyes and at an instant, the prisoner regained consciousness. "Fine, we'll do this your way." She then looked at the doctor. "You're going to have to come with us, I doubt that will be the last time this pissant is in that state."

Brea paused a moment before speaking "Does your ship not have medical officer of it own?". She found it slightly odd that she would have to leave the base to follow a prisoner "I mean, its not an issue but" She paused mid sentence "you know what never mind, lead the way" Brea added holding her hand out for people to start moving, not bothering to scan over the prisoner and see if he was alright. If he walked then that will be fine.

The Commander did not acknowledge the Doctor's comments. In her experience, medical personnel always had a comment of one sort another no matter what the situation might be. Instead, Katrijn approached Kestra and said softly, "I doubt our guest was working alone, if his accomplice is here on the station.. that individual will no doubt be concerned at having his or her identity revealed. We're going to use him as bait and see if anyone tries to bite."

While true, having the prisoner unconscious made things simple, she wanted him on his own two feet under guard while being led back to the ship. The Vanguard's personnel presented a strong, formidable presence in this manner and a silent statement to any who might be watching.

Katrijn wanted to watch and see if there was anyone whose reaction to seeing them bringing the prisoner back to the ship was out of place. If the man had an accomplice, she suspected that person (or persons) might try and cover his tracks.

Kestra nodded, "Sounds like a plan, but I personally wouldn't want to walk him back to the airlock. One of our Marauder pilots is on the station, with his craft. I suggest we divert to the Auxiliary craft bay and see Major Flagg. There is still enough distance between here and the hangar to see if anyone wants to keep this cretin alive."

The XO nodded in agreement and said, "All right. We have a plan of action, let's bait the hook and see if anyone out there tries to take the bait."

Kestra nodded and turned to two of her cohort. Without a word the two guards approached the prisoner. One removed a pair of stun cuffs from a hook on their belt, the other raised their compression rifle at the prisoners head. The two station guards took a step back as the two Elite Guard members manhandled the prisoner into the restraints before taking their positions either side of him.

Kestra smiled, a smile that many compared to a spider watching a fly caught in their web, and tapped the comm panel on her wrist. "Flagg to Graxx, whatever poor soul you've got your eye on can wait, we have a delivery to complete. Ready your ship."

Once they were ready, the small group got moving and headed back out into the station on their way towards the Auxiliary Craft bay. Alert and watchful, it wasn't long before Anders noticed they had a shadow. One man, wearing a nondescript civilian workers uniform was tailing them. Catching Kestra's eye, without speaking the XO used a hand signal to indicate they had company.

Kestra's jaw dipped slightly and her eyes went unfocused, each of her guards while appearing confident to the task suddenly became hyper aware of the situation.
'How many have you seen?' Kestra asked telepathically.

'Just the one..' Anders thought back, aware the telepath would hear her answer. As she replied, she turned and spoke to one of the guards, advising him to be ready to assist with security in the Auxiliary Craft Bay when they arrived, glancing toward their shadow - a human-looking male with close cropped dark hair, still following the group.

Kestra could 'see' the person the Executive officer had seen and gestured covertly to her guards to remain alert. She then grabbed one of the flexible restraints from her belt and tossed it across the deck.
"How clumsy of me," she said sarcastically and broke off from the rest of the detail to retrieve her errant item.

Katrijn made a show of turning to glance at the security officer then shook her head as if annoyed and motioned for the group to continue. She was fully aware of what Kestra was doing, and her response was meant to continue the charade to try and lure their shadow closer.

Kestra slipped behind a repair cart, and doubled back on the group. She could still 'feel' their shadow continue to follow her guards. She raised an eyebrow at the hubrus of this person. Each of her guards were visibly armed, and they made no attempt to hide the fact that people were to keep away.

Walking behind their shadow, she used the cacophony of the hangar deck to mask her approach, Kestra silently slipped her pulse pistol out of its holster and pressed its emitter nozzle against the small of their back.

"Let us have a talk shall we?" She purred into his ear.

The man froze for an instant, then answered "Sure thing sweetheart..". His last word still lingered in the air as he slammed his head back, his skull cracking into hers with a resounding *thud!*. His right arm flexed, a slender rod dropping from his sleeve into his hand and with a quick, practiced flick of his wrist the baton snapped out and locked into a fully extended position now almost 3 feet in length! The tip was energized, brilliant purple energy snapped and sparked with the promise of a very unpleasant sensation if he managed to hit her as he jerked away and swung the weapon at her at the same !

Al looked up from the service gantry that he had been using to prepare the Girty Lue for flight when the commotion broke out on the hangar floor. The pilot shook his head. "They weren't kidding when they said there would be trouble," he muttered before grabbing hold of the ladder and sliding down to the floor to offer what aid he could.

Kestra's skull exploded with colour as she was headbutted, and took an instinctive step backwards. This hadn't be the first time this had happened to her, and as a telepath, she didn't always have to rely on her vision, except that he had struck her right in the prefrontal cortex, momentarily shunting her telepathic abilities.

The Betazoid blinked rapidly to clear her vision as she raised her pulse pistol at her assailant. A pair of her guards noticed the change in the atmosphere and turned towards the altercation, raising their rifles in the process.

"Do you expect to get away with your skin?" Kestra spat, still partially blind as she felt a trickle from what she suspected was a broken nose.

Faced with too many opponents to fight, the man sneered in response and spat at her in response, hoping they'd kill him now as his mission had clearly failed and he would not be able to free his target.

Kestra's vision cleared enough for her to see her attacker. She had contemplated simply shooting him, but a sinister smile crept across her lips. she dropped her pistol and crew her service dagger. Without warning, she threw it square at their would be attacker, embedding the weapon cleanly into his throat.

Al stopped suddenly as Kestra killed the man, and how she seemed to do it so casually, this was a woman that had felt the blood of her enemies and had no qualms with spilling more.

As he gurgled to the deck, Kestra stood over him. "You should have learned not to mess with a telepath." she purred as she removed her blade from his neck, causing blood to gush onto the deck.

Kestra turned to the rest of the team, she felt the blood still flowing from her nose. "Shall we return to the ship?"

Al came to a sudden stop as the would-be assassin fell to the deck unceremoniously as Kestra stepped over the corpse and cause more blood to stream from the neck wound.
"Ah, sure, Lieutenant. The Girty Lue is prepped and ready to go."

Kestra grabbed the bridge of her nose to try and stem the course of blood streaming from it and winced slighlty, that confirmed that her nose was in fact broken. "Very good Flagg." She turned to her team. "Pick up this mess, and lets get aboard. Commander, shall we return to the ship?"

"That would likely be wise. Our activity has undoubtedly drawn more attention." Anders replied. "And, the sooner our guest is safely secured in the Brig.. the better!"

Kestra turned to the doctor that accompanied them as they boarded the Girty Liu.
"I'll see you in the infrimary."


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