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The Contrition

Posted on Thu Oct 20th, 2016 @ 10:40am by Captain Talloc Hagen & Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Captains Day Cabin
Timeline: Current

Lucas stood at the security console, looking over the new upgrades that had been installed. He looked over at the door to the captain's office, took a deep breath, logged out of the console and walked over and pressed the chime button....and waited.

Talloc made a mental note to chastise Lieutenant Kenada for having one of her engineers repair the door controls to his day cabin. He shook his head, he could feel the torrent of emotion on the other side of the door and pressed the door command console on his desk. The door slid aside without ceremony, admitting his Chief of Security.

"Is there a problem Lieutenant?"

Logan stood at attention in front of his desk. "Sir! I wish to apologize for my early behavior. It was improper of me to address you in such a manner. I was out of line. If you wish, I will submit a transfer, so you can get someone who you feel you can trust more." His eyes never wavered, staring straight ahead.

The captain raised an eyebrow and stood. "The only thing worth admonishing you for Lieutenant is the tone in which you spoke to me. I will not punish an officer for simply doing their duty."

Talloc approached his security chief so that the two were barely a arms length away from each other. "You're role on this ship is to inform me of potential threats to either my safety or the safety to the crew."

Without any warning, the Captain punched the Lieutenant in the stomach. "That is for your tone, I will not be disrespected, is that understood?"

He doubled over, but didn't fall. As soon as he caught his breath, he stood back up at attention. "Understood sir!! Sir? Regarding Lt Lenaris...should I stop the computer from tracking her movements, sir?"

Talloc straightened and returned to his desk. "Unless you found any evidence that would suggest further investigation, I see no reason to continue wasting resources."

"Yes sir! I will attend to that right away, sir. Permission to be excused, sir!"

Talloc pondered the young officer standing in front of him, how he had taken the initiative to address a threat to the ship. "Despite this oversight you have done a marvelous job. Now that we have a full compliment. I want your opinion on the officers of this command."

"I've run computer searches of all personnel, including any potential threats to the ship. So far, I have found no indications of any treasonous acts, sir. But I will continue to monitor their personal communications and any unauthorized computer usage, sir."

The Captain nodded. "Very good, Lieutenant, continue to maintain this level and I can see good things in your future." he returned to his desk. "Unless there is anything else Lieutenant, you are dismissed."

"Yes sir!" He turned and left the captain's office and returned to his post.


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