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Posted on Sun Oct 23rd, 2016 @ 11:07am by Lieutenant Lenaris Kendra & Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: main engineering

Jacobs entered main engineering and walked towards the chief engineers office, and pressed the door chime button. Many of the engineers stared at him.

Megan Hunter watched Jacobs enter ME and head towards the chiefs door. She couldn't help but wonder what was going on. Her feelings for Jacobs have increased since their initial project had started.

Lenaris came into Main Engineering from another entrance. She was walking with another engineer going over the modifications to the weapons systems, when the engineer tapped her arm and pointed to her office. She thanked him and sent him back to his section. She was not wearing the standard Officer uniform, but a work overall. The upper part was tied at her waist, showing her arms and a tank top. "Lieutenant Jacobs, come to arrest me now?" She said with some venom.

He gave Hunter a look, then looked at Lenaris. "Lieutenant. Can we discuss this in your office?"

She simple walked past the man and into her office. Planted in the middle of her desk was a Klingon Dagger. The blade still had a mix of her blood and the Captain's. Lenaris took a seat behind her desk, which activated the various screens around the small room. They where the readouts found in Main Engineering. "Now you have me in private. What do you want?"

He remained standing. "I wanted to inform you, with the captain's authorization, I have rescinded my request for computer monitoring of your movements. I would also like to...apologize. You have shown yourself to be a trustworthy member of the crew."

Lenaris studied the man for a few moments. "Computer, raktajino, extra strong." She said as the replicator made the brownish liquid. She took a sip, after retrieving it, of her drink while still watching the man. She set the drink down before she spoke again. "Lieutenant Jacobs, you don't need to apologize for doing your job. I am of an enemy race, but if you dug into my history, you would have seen that I had fled the Alliance. Now do you see that dagger?" She pointed to the bloody dagger sticking in her desk. "I've made a blood oath to the Captain."

Lenaris dropped a PaDD on her desk. "Now you do have to apologize for going around me to get the weapon modifications done. Now I'm going to tell you this once. If you do this again, I will file a formal complaint with the Captain and the First Officer, and your little girlfriend will be off this ship faster then a torpedo. I am the Chief Engineer of the Vanguard, so any and all repair and modification requests hit my desk, before it hits the Captain's or the First Officer's, do I make myself clear, Lieutenant Jacobs?" Then she picked her drink back up and took another sip.

"There will not be another apology. You made a blood oath with the captain. I also took an oath. You are the chief engineer....I am the security chief...we each have a job to do." He turned, started to leave, then turned back. "Lt Hunter is not my "girlfriend" and she is not part of do not include her. She is to be left I make myself clear?" He stared at her.

"So you are making a request for ENSIGN Hunter to be transferred to Security/Tactical then?" Lenaris said. Then she tapped a button on her desk and it showed a security feed from when the two of them talked about Modifying the Weapons systems. "As you can see that Ensign Hunter never once told you to come to me, but go to the First Officer. So by every right as the Commanding Officer of Engineering I could have her punished for failure to follow the proper Chain of Command." She took another sip of her rakajino. "But the only reason why Ensign Hunter's hide isn't nailed to my wall right now, is because she is going into a refresher course on the proper order of the Chain of Command. Which is a course that you yourself should take, because I know for a fact that you are not the First Officer or the Captain, so you CANNOT tell me who I want or don't want in my Department. I wouldn't come into your office and give an order for several of your teams to guard Engineering or send several teams on patrols around the Anti-Matter Containment Pods. If I needed a security team to do that, without an order from the Captain or First Officer, I would go to the Security Chief, which I believe is you. As I told my department when I addressed them. You may not like me as a person, but you damn well respect the rank and the position. Now if you get me those department change request forms, I will sign them and then I'll send them to the First Officer for her signature, and then I will send Ensign Hunter off to see you. Until then, she is under my command, not yours. Now do I make myself clear?"

He leaned on her desk. "You weren't assigned to the ship when I came looking for help with the upgrades. So as far as your "chain of command" comment......that's incorrect! And I DID go to the first officer and she agreed to the upgrades!! GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT, LIEUTENANT!!! You have a problem with me......then settle it with me!!"

"My facts are correct. I was on board when you where introducing yourself." Lenaris brought herself up to his height as she leaned on her own desk. "My problem is with someone who is barely intelligent enough to be classified as a Human coming into my department and telling me how to run it. Now take your limp wristed impatent self out of my department, and only comeback when you raise your intelligence to something more respectable."

"This is between you and me....leave everyone else out of it....or you will regret it!" He turned and left.

She followed Jacobs out into Main Engineering. Lenaris was temped to cripple the man, but she glared at Hunter for a moment before heading toward the lift to the upper Engineering.


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