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Finished and Visits

Posted on Sat Nov 5th, 2016 @ 12:11pm by Lieutenant Lenaris Kendra

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current

Lenaris was still pissed at her visit from the Chief of Security. She wanted nothing more then tear his balls off and feed them to himself with a touch of Blood Wine. Her crew knew she was one step from a war path threw her department. She made note that several of her people politely have been keeping one Ensign Hunter out of her sight all morning.

She was reviewing the last of the data from the weapon test. "Sir." She looked at one of her Engineers. "Lieutenant Jacobs and a few of his boys are on their way here. They seem to be patrolling."

"Thanks for the warning John." Lenaris said without a smile.

"No problem sir." He said handing her a PaDD.

She took it and review that information, she nodded and signed off on it. She was glad that these modifications where finished. Most of her crew, and herself included, where ready to hit the floor. She already sent half of them to their racks for some sleep. Hell she had caught more then a few taking a personal break and quickie. She over looked this as they did log into the computer to take a break, and they where back on duty on time. "Computer run a level 3 diagnostics."

The computer beep and started the diagnostics. "Diagnostic finished. All systems are operational."

Lenaris smiled at seeing the data run across her screen. "Computer Time check?"

"It is 1117 hours." The computer answered.

She finished the last of her reports and got them sent to the Captain and the First Officer. With that finished she head to her office. After she dropped into her chair she pulled a small metal shot glass and a bottle of blood red liquid. She poured herself a shot, and took it down. She poured another and took that down. Then she cleaned the glass and replaced the cap on the bottle and placed them back in her draw.


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