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A meet and greet

Posted on Mon Dec 19th, 2016 @ 6:04pm by Lieutenant T'Kyth & Lieutenant Lenaris Kendra

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: Mess Hall

T'Kyth had just finished his first full ship on board the Vanguard and made his way to the mess hall to grab a meal. He grabbed a tray then put some Gespar, and Plomeek soup. He then grabbed a glass of Spice tea then made his way to an empty table.

Lenaris entered the mess hall. She noted the quietness that settled over the room. She didn't care, because she was hungry. She ordered a traditional Bajoran dish with a side of Bloodwine. She got her food and drink and noticed that everyone was tightening up in their positions. That was when she spotted someone sitting alone.

She walked up to the table. "Is this set taken?"

T'Kyth took a sip of spice tea, he heard a voice then looked up as he put his glass back on the table "No the seat isn't taken." His violet eyes flashed."

"Thank you." She said taking a seat. "I'm Lenaris, the Chief Engineer and you are?" she asked.

T'Kyth nodded "Welcome. I am T'Kyth, Chief Operations officer." He said looking at her.

"Pleasure." She said. "Have you been having any issues with the crew?" She wanted to bring the man's attention to the quietness in the mess hall as everyone was listening to their conversation.

T'Kyth gave a nod then looked at her "No I'm not currently, are you?" As he spoke he looked around the mess hall.

"Yes. I'm having major problems with the Chief of Security, and of course the cold stares and attempted snide commits." Lenaris said.

T'Kyth raised an eyebrow "I have yet to meet the Security Chief but I heard he's an interesting man. Yea I've gotten a few cold stares myself, they just love you and I."

"He believes that he is the XO and can tell me how to run my Department, and who I can have in my Department." Lenaris said taking a bite of her food. "I hope he doesn't do that to you and yours."

T'Kyth shrugged "Oh I'm sure he will, or worse and try to think that he's actually the Captain." He ate a few bites of his food.

"He might think he is a Vice Admiral by the end of this mission." Lenaris said. "Do you have anything in your department that needs to be modified before we leave port?"

T'Kyth nodded "That he probably will before we know it." He just shook his head at the thought of the security chief, T'Kyth then thought for a second "No everything in my department seems to be in current working order."

"That's good." Lenaris said.

T'Kyth nodded "Yes it's always good when all systems are working good."

"True, but the one thing that the Chief of Security has going for him, is that his pushing to have the Weapon systems modified, we would never have discovered the faulty Phaser Coils." Lenaris stated.

T'Kyth had taken a sip of tea as he listened to her "Least you found the fault before we actually would need the phasers, that probably would have been bad."

"Yea, and that would have been my fault." Lenaris said.

"So in that sense I guess that you owe the Security chief a little thanks for that." T'Kyth said while looking at her.

"Yea I do, but he shouldn't have over stepped his position and ordered my people to do the work, without my approval." Lenaris said.

"True there...he shouldn't have over stepped his position, that's where he probably thought that he was the Captain I take it?"

"Most likely." Lenaris said. "I hope he doesn't continue to push his luck."

"And if he does try to push his luck, could always teach him a nice lesson." T'Kyth said as he sipped his tea.

"I need a new skin rug for my quarters." Lenaris stated.

T'Kyth nodded "I hear those make great additions to people's quarters."

"That is does." Lenaris said as the PaDD on her hip started to buzz. "Well time for me to head back to engineering. It was a pleasure to meet you T'Kyth."

T"Kyth nodded "It was mice meeting you as well Lenaris." He watched her leave then went back to his meal.


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Comments (1)

By Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs on Wed Dec 21st, 2016 @ 6:19am

I thought we tried to clear up the tension, somewhat. lol
Otherwise, thought it was a great story.