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Posted on Mon Dec 5th, 2016 @ 7:26pm by Captain Talloc Hagen

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Bridge
Timeline: Current

The turbolift doors opened to the bridge, admitting the captain to the command centre of the Vanguard.
The Captain had spent a lot of time in the interrogation section of the brig. Blood dripped from the captain's knuckles as he crossed the expanse to his command chair.

"Communications, raise the station, inform them that we are departing," he ordered taking his seat from the deck officer. The things that he had to do in interrogation while to other, more sensitive races would have seen to be barbaric, but the threat to his ship had voided any protections they might have recieved.

"Sir, the Dockmaster has given us second position to departure, our window is fifteen minutes," the communications officer reported.

Talloc nodded and sat back in his chair. "Very good. Helm when we are clear, set course for the Pegasi Nebula. There is apparently a pirate base located within an planetary mass within. They are attempting to steal schematics of this ship to attempt to build their own. So naturally we are going to destroy their shipyard."

"Aye, sir."

Talloc reached for his swagger stick and realised that he had left it in interrogation. A junior officer approached him with a towel. Talloc took the towel and used it to clean his hands. The captain noticed that there was blood splatter on his uniform tunic.

There had been a number of instances in his past where he had to deal with traitors. The late Admiral Abney being top of that list. To have an officer of the Confederacy betray the ideals to further their own goals sickened him, even if he understood the mans ideals.

For all the spies failings, Talloc was convinced that there was more that he was keeping from him, which impressed the captain. He had left Kestra and Avara to gleam more out of him, but the news that the pirates were attempting to build their own Vanguard meant that he had to act immediately.

"Captain, we have departure clearance."

Talloc nodded and stood, "Proceed on thrusters until out of the station then proceed to the Pegassi Nebula at maximum warp."
The Captain turned on a boot and headed to his day cabin. The captain needed to change.

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