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The Discovery

Posted on Fri Dec 30th, 2016 @ 8:03pm by Captain Talloc Hagen

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Bridge
Timeline: Current

The ISS Vanguard dropped out of warp in the blackness of space. In front of the dark grey starship was a swirling vortex of colour and dust, the Pegasi Nebula, the home of their prey.

Talloc stood in the centre of his command deck, arms clasped behind his back as the vibrant visual display in front of him washed the bridge in light. Where the captain an art lover, he might have appreciated the display for its aesthetic principles, but Talloc Hagen was anything but an art lover. He was a soldier and the Nebula presented him only one thing, a tactical challenge that needed to be overcome.

His prisoner had informed him that this was where the pirates that had attempted to steal technical specifications of the Vanguard resided. Somewhere amongst this mass of swirling dust and space debris, was a base, and more importantly a shipyard where a second Redemption Class Starship was being built.
Talloc had mused at the fact that the Rebellion had nearly been bankrupted building the Vanguard, that the construction of this vessel in its original configuration had been a costly one, and it was decided that it was never to be repeated. To hear that some two-bit pirates were attempting to build one on their own, and in fact had already started building one, made the captain almost laugh.
Now the Vanguard, the original Redemption Class Warship sat out in space, its mighty prow facing the unknown. Her captain was more than ready to take that very ship into the nebula to face this new enemy, to take what prizes he could for the Confederacy, and to secure their hold in the sector.

"Sensor report." Talloc ordered, his words broke the silence of his bridge.

"Captain, I'm picking up ion signatures of at least a dozen ships heading into and out of the nebula. Most appear to be freighters, but there is a couple that belong to medium tonnage warcraft." reported the officer at the tactical console. Talloc had not ordered the senior staff to the bridge, he wanted this initial encounter to be his own.

"Nothing that is a threat to the Vanguard?" He asked without turning around.
"That is corret sir, but I am unable to calculate just how many ships are within the nebula, the debris is interfering with our sensor clarity."

Talloc nodded slowly. "There could be no one, or there could be an entire fleet hiding in there."
“That is also correct sir. Unfortunately due to the number of ion trails heading into and out of the nebula, it is making dating them somewhat difficult. But I am able to detect a number of distinct and repeated signatures that I am confident belong to the same ship, but I could not with any real confidence tell you when they were last here.”
Talloc took a step between the two forward consoles, as if doing so would allow him the clarity to see into the nebula to find their quarry. “Are there any specific entrance vectors? Would you be able to extrapolate a course into the nebula?”
“It is possible sir, there are some trails that do make plausible vectors, but I would need to confer with Lieutenant Jacobs to be sure.”
He took a moment to ponder what to do next. "Summon the Senior Staff, I want to know what is inside there."

"Aye sir."


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