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5 Days In Hell

Posted on Wed Jan 4th, 2017 @ 9:00am by Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: Station's Gym

Note: Takes place when Jacobs first came onboard.

The entire security section had assembled in the station's gym, probably the only place that could hold them all. Everyone wore a shirt with a number printed on it.

The majority of the security officers were on the gym floor, while senior security officers waited on the platform above the floor.

Jacobs walked through the door to the gym platform. One of the officers on the platform yelled out, "Attention on deck!" All the security officers immediately came to attention.

Jacobs walked to the railing and looked on. "At ease." The officers gathered below took an "at ease" stance, with their hands behind their backs.

"I am Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs. I am the Vanguard's new security chief, which makes me your commanding officer. You don't know me, and I don't know you." He looked down at the mostly human crew, with a sprinkle of Vulcan's and Andorian's thrown in. "Forget everything you were taught. In the next 5 days, I am going to teach you the correct way, my way, to do your jobs. We'll be starting with calisthenics, then hand to hand combat, then weapons training, then the obstacle course then finish with a 20 mile run." Jacobs walked up and down the platform looking at the crew. "Failure is not an option. If you can't cut it here, you most certainly can't cut it out there. I expect a third of you to fail, at which point, you will reassigned elsewhere." He stopped walking, leaned on the railing and looked down. "This ship will have only the best the Empire has to offer."

"Carry on."

Several instructors appeared and the crew separated into groups. With 1 started.

Lucas walked along the platform, looking down at the crew, and taking notes on his padd.

After 7 hours, day 1 ended.

4 personnel were transferred because of failure.

10 hours later, day 2 started...hand to hand combat.

The instructors were experts. They took the students from basic hand to hand combat, up to advanced training....with bladed weapons.

In the 8 hours of training, 3 crewmembers died from injuries, and 5 failed.

Day 3...weapons training.

The gym had been transformed into a weapons range....targets were setup at various distances. They started with phaser pistols, then rifles. They also used various weapons that had been captured by the Empire from their enemies.

This day went better....only 1 person failed to hit 7 targets in 30 seconds.

Day 4....the obstacle course.

Overnight the gym again had been changed from a target range, to an obstacle course.

The course had obstacles to run around, through, crawl under fire, climb and jump. And when 1 person faltered, the entire group had to start all over.

Every day, there was Jacobs, jotting down notes on his padd.

Day 4 ended, after 12 one failed.

Last day...the 20 mile run.

Overnight, the station's maintenance crew removed the obstacle course and laid down a one mile oval track, that each person would have to run 20 times around.

Before they started racing, Jacobs stepped forward and announced, "Did I forget to mention....that you have to complete the 20 two hour!" No one dared complain. "Start!"

The remaining officers took off like a shot. They ran bunched closely. A few times, some would run into each other and they fell, but they picked themselves up, or others helped them, and they resumed running.

Jacobs stood and watched everything.

As the clocked ticked closer to the hour, some runners gathered whatever inner strength they had and pushed harder.

The first ones to cross the finished do so at the 1 hour 50 minute mark. Then larger groups crossed at the 51 minute mark, 52, 53, 55, 58.

1 runner was left. He had 100 feet to the finish. The clock was ticking down.

1:58.........sweat was pouring down his face.

1:59.......his fellow officers started cheering him on....he was done to 50 feet.

Just as the time ran out, he crossed the finish line at 1:59:59.

All the runners had collapsed on the floor at the finish line. Medical teams went around checking them....water was being passed out.

Jacobs walked up to the railing. Some of the runners tried to stand. He gestured for them to sit.

"Congratulations. Today, no one goes home. Today you are officially part of the ISS Vanguard's security detail....probably the best in the fleet." The officers applauded. "Some things I want you to remember. What is the first thing you care about now?"

All of the runners stood and shouted, "The Empire!"

Jacobs nodded. "Correct. Next...chain of command. The 1st officer reports to the captain. I report to the 1st officer. You, will report to your squad leaders, who will report to the unit leader, who will report to my aides who will report to me. Heaven help the individual who breaks this chain. Next, my rules. We fight our enemies soldiers....we do not kill civilians. Anyone I find harm or abusing civilians, I will throw out the nearest airlock. Next, if you report for duty drunk, or anyway unfit for duty....airlock. Finally...anyone caught trying to spy, sabotage or assassinate any member of this airlock...I will personality dismember using a sword, and throw the remains into the warp core to fuel this ship!!!" Jacobs paced along the platform. "Good work will be rewarded with promotions...and along with promotions come power." He looked down at his padd. The following officers step forward when I call your names. Ensigns Curtis, Hogan, Montgomery, Starn and Turak." The 5 officers, 3 humans, an Andorian and a Vulcan, stepped foward.

At this point, Jacobs had walked down to the main level and stood in front of the 5 ensigns. "You 5 have distinguished yourselves these last 5 days. Therefore, I am promotion you to Lieutenant JG and making you squad leaders." Jacobs went down the row, starting with Curtis. "Squad Alpha, squad Bravo, squad Charlie, squad Delta," and ending with Turak, "squad Echo. Lieutenant Jenks will be unit leader and Lieutenants Spence and Jordan will be my aides. Questions?" When no one raised their hand, "Dismissed!"

While the others filed out of the gym, Lieutenants Jenks, Spence and Jordan conferred with Jacobs.


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