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The Unpleasantness: Redux

Posted on Wed Jan 4th, 2017 @ 11:56pm by 1st Lieutenant Kestra Graxx

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Brig
Timeline: Current

“Just how did you expect this would turn out?”
Kestra sat at the table after the Captain had spent several hours interrogating the spy that had been brought aboard. The spy did not look well after that encounter as he now sat opposite her shackled to the floor. He had lost the use of his left eye sometime during the interrogation and seemed to favour his right shoulder as the left hung useless and potentially dislocated at his side.
The Captain had left the further interrogation to her, as the Captain realised that the ship didn’t have a trained interrogator aboard. Kestra had of course contained the one person in the Confederacy who had that skillset.

The spy gurgled something akin to a response, but hadn’t said anything for several hours. Kestra shook her head. She had been given explicit instructions to find out everything she could about this band of mercenaries and just what their forces had been. So far he wasn’t cooperating.

She looked over to the dark mass that occupied one corner of the room, it had remained unmoving since she had entered the room, almost to the point where she wasn’t sure if there was anything there. Sighing, Kestra looked back at the spy.
“I’ll ask again, how many ships does your little band have and what are their tonnages?”

Again he said nothing. Without a single movement or flicker from Kestra, a trickle of blood appeared out of the corner of his right eye. To his credit, he was initially silent, but quickly started screaming. Being a telepath, Kestra could feel the pain he was experiencing as she telekinetically manipulated the nerve clusters behind his eye, he would have experienced incredible pain, and potentially lost vision, but he still didn’t speak. She was impressed, she had been trained in psionic manipulation and interrogation techniques that she used when she was the head of security for the Seventh House of Betazed. She hadn’t had to use them since she defected to the Confederacy, in fact the thought of having to do it brought back painful memories of her exile from her homeworld, of the fact that she will never get to see her family again.

The form in the corner didn’t move, or react, Kestra couldn’t even sense their thoughts, not that she’d particularly want to. She stood and walked to the opposite side of the table, she picked up a small cloth that was on the table and dabbed it against his bloodied brow.
“You know, I don’t like that the captain has made me do this, this is not who I am,” she purred into his ear in a low, sultry tone. She stroked his hair. She couldn’t sense any real change in his demeanour, but then, he had already sustained a lot during the Captain’s more heavy handed interrogation; it was entirely possible that the captain had already broken him. The thought of what she was doing reviled her, the very thought of what she was doing with this man disgusted her.
“Come on, let me help you, just tell me what I want to know,” She said as she traced a long, delicate finger down the front of his torn tunic.
Instead of responding, the spy spat at her, blood smeared her cheek.
Kestra sighed and stood. “I tried to warn you. I could have made this easy for you, but you had to go and do that.”

The Betazoid stood and wiped her cheek with the cloth. She then turned to the corner.
“He’s all yours.”

Without a word, the black form stepped into the single light that sat above the desk. A lithe woman with porcelain skin and dark hair approached. The closer she got to the table the more she became visible, almost as if she coalesced from the darkness. The lower two-thirds of their face covered in a black identity obscuring mask, which only served to highlight the unnatural yellow eyes that she had.

A soft innocent sounding chuckle escaped this creature, but the sound only seemed to unnerve him as she tilted her head to an obscure angle and took the Spy in.
“You and I are going to have some fun,” she giggled in a way that only served to make Kestra uncomfortable.
“I have to report to the Captain. Report to me once you have something,” Kestra said in a tone she knew didn’t convey much authority.
“Don’t worry my dear, I know what I am doing, let that lovely Captain of yours know that I will take care of this.” This newcomer turned back to face the Spy, and slowly unhooked the mask.


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