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Posted on Wed Feb 8th, 2017 @ 5:26pm by Captain Talloc Hagen & Lieutenant Tira'Ridala nev-Theyla & Commander Katrijn Anders & Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs & Lieutenant T'Kyth & Lieutenant Lenaris Kendra & Captain Kid "Vicious" Sharpe

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Briefing Room
Timeline: Current

Talloc was the first to enter the Vanguard's breifing room following his summons of his senior staff. The captain took in the polished black metal table that took up most of the room, at its head was a large imposing looking chair that was clearly larger than all the others.

Talloc didn't understand the need for symbolism, the ship already knew who was in command, a large chair did not change that.
He took the seat reluctantly and waited for his senior crew, he knew they would have a lot to say about their current position.

Lucas walked into the briefing room, nodded to the captain, "Sir." and took his seat. He laid his padd in front of him.

T'Kyth entered the briefing room looking around then nodding to everyone that was there. "Captain" He took a seat then, waiting for the briefing to start.

Lucas nodded back to the Ops officer.

Kid and Avara entered together in close conversation, Kid paused while Avara straightened up his uniform one last time and gave him one more rather forceful kiss before heading to her spot at the table. As acting head of Intel she was required to be there to represent the Intel department. The search was still on for someone to take over the department, it was against regulations for a Husband and Wife to hold two senior posts on the same ship. A leave over from the old Empire where such a relationship could be a threat to the captain. Kid took his own seat near the top of the table close to the captain giving a brief nod to the captains bodyguard who returned the gesture.

Avara for her part made an effort to blend into the background and observe the senior officers as they arrived. Noting those who were already there, and the various interactions between the crew.

Lucas watched as someone he didn't know sat down near the captain. Since the captain, and his bodyguard didn't say anything, he assumed that the captain knew him. The other person who entered seemed to staying in the shadows. This person concerned him and he made sure his phaser was easily reachable.

Lenaris entered the conference room. She was tapping away on a PaDD as she took her seat. "Captain." She said with a nod, but still was working on something on that PaDD.

T'Kyth turned his head looking to see who had arrived next. "Lieutenant, how goes everything with the ship?" He asked the cheif engineer.

Lucas noted that the chief engineer entered, then went back to his padd that was giving him updates on the surveillance of the crew.

Lenaris looked up at T'Kyth. "Everything is running as it should." She said.

Tira'Ridala, the captain's consort and communications chief entered with a sway to her hips as she approached the table. She stood at the opposite end of the table and eyed the senior staff, there was very few familiar faces amongst the ships compliment now, and even fewer in senior positions. She raised a manicured eyebrow and moved to an empty seat roughly halfway down the length of the table. She sent her Imzadi a comforting thought and took her seat.

Talloc regarded the officers in front of him, most of these were new, untested officers, but some were seasoned veterans. He expected that they would form an cohesive team. He noticed the two empty seats, His executive officer to his right was on assignment gathering information relevant to the current situation and he had expected her to be late. The other missing senior officer was the doctor that Kestra had shanghaied while aboard the station. He expected that the good Doctor was not aware she was not the ships Chief Medical Officer.

Talloc shook his head and sat up in his oversized chair.

"By now you should all be aware of the situation in front of us, a Rebel group calling themselves The True Imperium have attempted to construct a Redemption class Cruiser using plans stolen of the Vanguard, and one of their agents was detained while attempting to steal technical information about the upgrades we've performed on the ship. Its entirely up to speculation as to what they had planned on doing with that information or with the ship once they completed it. But we have managed to locate were they are building it."

Talloc stood and regarded the officers in front of him. "Now I want to know how we can destroy it or capture it for our own gain."

Lucas stood up. "Sir. If the ship is already build, we can send security teams to board and seize control of the ship. Then we attack and seize their computer records and retrieve the data." Lucas waited a beat. "If the ship is in the process of being built, we can either seize the ship and tractor back to base where it can be completed, or....we can destroy the ship and the base, and their computer records so this can't happen again." Lucas waited for the captain to reply.

Talloc regarded the young officer, he liked the enthusiasm. But he had neglected a crucial detail. "What of the ion emissions we have detected, I would prefer to know if there are any other ships in that Nebula or expected to arrive in the time we are here, before we try and assault the Shipyard."

T'Kyth sat there for a couple seconds then turned to look at the Captain "With the ion emissions that we've detected sir, it's more then likely that here are a few ships in the area of the shipyard."

"We should send in a scouting party." Lenaris said very unKlingon like.

T'Kyth sat there listening "Yea that doesn't sound like a bad idea of sending a scouting party."

Talloc appreciated the enthusiasm of his new senior officers, their ideas were a fresh perspective that while he had considered, he hadn't put much thought in. He nodded in agreement.

"A scout party would be a bold move, Lieutenant, but remember, that the shipyard is located within the nebula, with sensor data as poor as it is, any team that goes would be doing so essentially blind."
He turned to his second officer.
"Mister Sharpe, organise a scout team, liaise with Major Flagg about which of his Raiders would be best suited for the task."
He turned to Lucas.
"We'll take the Vanguard out of the system and have it sit in transitory space, I want you to start scanning likely approaches for any incoming ships that we might be able to seize for their sensor data."

"I've got a handful of men I'd trust for such a mission. Might I suggest we also drop a comms buoy as we did on Corivan, it'll provide interstitial communications more effectively, and the Nebula, if I recall my cosmology correctly, sits quite nicely along one of the Beta lines for the eventual Comms network." Kid added.

Tira looked up from the PADD she was reviewing and nodded. "This is an area that the Cofenderacy wanted to expand our communications net into, so we'd be doing a two-fold job here."

The Captain stood. "Excellent, now if anyone has anything else they would like to contribute I suggest we get to work, that ship is going to destroy itself."

T'Kyth shook his head "Nothing from me sir."

The doors to the briefing room parted, the XO entering without a word. Walking to the Captain, she handed him a data PaDD containing the information she had obtained at his request. "I was able to successfully download the information you requested without being traced. The communication rerouted I used to access the data was not discovered and blocked until just as the download was completing. Some data was corrupted by the disconnect, however the attempt at a trace failed."

Talloc smiled coldly. "Excellent work Commander, work with Tira in decrypting that information, I want a debriefing in four hours."

"Captain." Jacobs looked at the captain. "I've been reviewing the computer records, and I believe we can build a scout ship that can be undetectable by sensors. This would allow us to get closer and get better information. Or we can use it to seize another vessel."

Talloc nodded. "Stealth technology essentially stalled after the Alliance developed countermeasures for it, but I doubt that these pirates know that. Work with Lieutenant Lenaris and Major Flagg about configuring one of our Raiders for silent running."

"Aye sir."

The captain placed a hand on the back of the chair.

"Anyone else?"

"Not here sir." Lenaris stated.

Talloc nodded and surveyed his senior staff. "Then dismissed, we have a lot to do."


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