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Posted on Sun Feb 26th, 2017 @ 8:04am by Captain Talloc Hagen & 1st Lieutenant Kestra Graxx & Petty Officer 1st Class Cole Michaels

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Captains Day Cabin
Timeline: Current

Cole stood in front of the mirror looking back at his reflection. He ran a hand through his sandy brown hair trying to get it to cooperate, or at least look like he had made an effort to do so. He'd been eating a little better in the past six months, that he had been going through training to become a Petty Officer and he was filling out nicely. He had to admit to himself that he did look pretty good in the uniform.

He had worked hard to get where he was now and was rather proud of himself. As far as he knew there were no other teenagers on board the ship and no one his age who could officially wear the uniform. But then, again there weren't any sixteen-year-olds that had his talents either.

He was far from stupid and he hadn't told them about all of his talents, just enough to get them interested enough in taking a chance on him, and he had most assuredly not told them, that his loyalties were more to himself than for the Confederacy or against the Alliance.

He checked his appearance in the mirror. He straightened out the freshly replicated fabric, making sure that the small, yet razor sharp stiletto he carried with him was as hidden as it could be. Then he left his small quarters making his way to the Bridge. Most of the crew paid him no attention, but he knew that some were watching out of their peripheral vision. The Captain's bodyguards were giving him a full on stare. Appraising his every move as he approached. He saluted them. He was unsure if he should play innocent or try to look menacing. Giving his babyface innocent was his only choice. "I'm the Captain's new yeoman," he said, handing over the PADD. "I'm reporting in."

The guard standing at the door to the Captain's Day Cabin eyed the newcomer with a cautious eye as he always was with anyone seeking an audience with the Captain. He took the PADD and ran it over a reader, confirming its authenticity. The reader showed green and the Guard handed the device back to the kid in front of him.

Without a word from the guard, the door to the Captain's Day Cabin opened with a silent whoosh. Exposing a room almost bereft of all light. The Guard stood aside and tilted his head towards the open door.
"You don't want to keep him waiting."

Cole gave the guard a curt nod and stepped quickly into the darkened room. He was nervous, but as the doors shut behind him, he took a few steps further into the interior, trying not to show any fear, knowing that would be disastrous. He took a centering breath and said, "Cole Michaels, reporting for duty sir."

A shadow stepped in behind him, for a brief instant and female body pressed against the young man's back and removed the stiletto with one hand, and the PADD with the other. The only light came from a lamp sitting on a polished obsidian desk, but a silhouette could be seen sitting on the opposite side.

The silhouette leant forward as the female form stepped around Cole and deposited the two items on the desk, then turned back to face him.
Talloc Hagen, his weathered features highlighted by the harsh lamplight regarded the young man that was still shrouded mostly in shadow. He pressed a button on his desk, and the lights to the Day Cabin turned on.

In the light, Kestra Graxx, the Captain's Chief Body Guard was clearly visible standing next to the Captain's desk, a hand gingerly rested against the holster of her disruptor.
Talloc picked up the two items and regarded the man.

"So, you are to be my Yeoman."

"Yes sir," the boy said, grateful that his voice had not risen an octave and he had gotten the words out without squeaking, "and I'm good at what I do."

Talloc regarded the young man, he already knew that he was good at what he did, he wouldn't have agreed to allow him to be his Yeoman if he hadn't. He picked up the stiletto knife and turned it slowly between his hands.

"I can see that, you come quite well recommended from the officer's who evaluated you. though I am curious, your mind is quite a torrent, I must ask, are you afraid Mister Cole?"

"Yes," Cole said deciding honesty was the best policy with someone who could read his mind. "A little. Part of it is because I've heard of your reputation and don't want to fail you. Part of it is because the last man in your position wanted, uh, wanted me as his uh consort, I don't think you'd be as easy to kill."

Talloc dropped the stiletto to the table and tented his fingers. He had heard of the abuses that came at the hand from the small cadre of Command Officers from Bastion who had now filled the ranks of the Confederacy. From men that refused to accept that the Empire had fallen.

The Captain pressed a button on his desk and summoned Tira to his office. The Vanguard's communications officer was his consort, his trusted right arm for over two decades if anything he hoped that her presence would calm him. He knew that there was no point having a manic yeoman who was constantly looking over his shoulder for betrayal. The captain knew what that was like.

"I can assure you that that will not be the case Mister Cole. But you are correct, I will be harder to kill than Captain Ingatius."

Kestra returned to her position near the door and continued to keep her hand on her pulse pistol.

"And besides, you would have to get through Lieutenant Graxx."

Cole was fairly sure he would lose in a confrontation with Graxx, though it might be a closer call than either Graxx or the Captain might imagine given his skill set. But the kept those thoughts to himself and shielded, he didn't want anyone to know what he was capable just yet, and he had no intention of attempting to assume the throne.

"Then I guess neither one of us has anything to worry about. Anything specific, that you will want me to do?"

Talloc shook his head. "For the most part, I want you to learn, to absorb everything the senior staff does, and learn from it. I predict you have the potential to be an exemplary officer if you survive long enough to reach that point."

"Oh, I can assure you, that I have every intention of surviving. I have been quite good at it up until this point. I may be young, but I am resourceful. And, I believe in loyalty. This could be a good match, for both of us."

The Captain nodded and stepped out from behind his desk.

"In that case Mister Cole, I can see you working well with the crew." There was a 'shadow' to this man, something that he was keeping well hidden from the Captain, an impressive feat for a supposed non-telepath. Talloc raised an eyebrow and immediately dismissed it. There would be little opportunity for him to act on any traitorous thoughts.

"Have you any questions?"

"No sir, I haven't, other than asking for the return of my weapons."

Talloc spared a look at Kestra who nodded, she hadn't detected any threat to the Captain. He looked back at Cole and gestured at the two weapons that now lay once more on the desk.

"By all means, Mister Cole, and it's time to assume your duties."

Cole retrieved his weapons, gave the Captian and his consort a smile, turned and left the Ready Room."

A joint post by

PO 1st Class Cole Matthews
ISS Vanguard



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