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An Introduction of Sorts

Posted on Fri Feb 17th, 2017 @ 7:55am by Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs & Lieutenant Kashka Ishtar

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Security Office
Timeline: Current

A slight, lithe form stood in the centre of a small side office off from the main Security Operations Centre. Her hands resting on her slender hips as she made a slow circle, taking the scene in.

Kashka noticed the reports and assorted personal articles scattered throughout the room. A smile appeared under the identity obscuring facemask that covered the lower two-thirds of her face, her black hair did an excellent job of creating a shroud.
She had sought out the new Chief of Security, to discuss, 'matters or protocol' and now waited in his office for his arrival.

Lucas walked into his office and sat at his desk and looked at this unscheduled visitor. "How did you get past my secretary? I usually don't see anyone with an appointment unless there the captain or first officer."

Kashka turned back to the Chief of Security her eyes twinkled. "Oh my dear Lieutenant, it was not that hard." She took a step towards him. "You and I have some things to discuss." She opened a pouch on her belt and withdrew a series of isolinear datarods, and dropped them into his hand.
"I don't like being spied on."

Lucas dropped the rods on his desk. "I initiated surveillance protocols because Fleet Command authorized it and the captain agreed." Lucas sat in his chair. "So if you haven't done anything against Command or this ship, you would have nothing to worry about. If you have a problem, I suggest you speak with the captain. I think you know the way out."

Kashka laughed innocently, her body language betrayed the sentiment, making it seem more sinister. "Oh, my dear Lieutenant. Who do you think called on my services. I am here at the behest of our Dear Captain to hunt threats to his ship." She took another step towards the young officer, her uniquely coloured eyes glinting as she approached. She removed a thin black paneled ID from a concealed pouch and handed it to him. It bore a genuine Imperial Insignia and the crest of the Imperial Hand, the elite secret security force of the former Emperor. "I suspect that this will answer that particular question."

He looked at the ID, then back at her. "I hope you have no objections if I authenticate this, lieutenant."

Kashka shrugged, the part of her face that was visible suggested that she was smiling. "But of course, go right ahead."

Lucas accessed the Command identification data bank and scanned Kashka's ID. After a few seconds, it came back positive, listed under "classified". He handed back her ID. "Thank you. But, since part of my job is to protect the captain and the ship, unless instructed by the captain, I will have to continue the surveillance protocols. I'm sure you understand." Lucas looked at her, as he sat in his chair.

Kashka sighed and sat on the corner of his desk closest to him. She leant forward and played a hand across his chest, walking her fingers up the front of his tunic.
"Oh my dear Lieutenant, did you forget the part where I was sent here by the Captain? Now considering how easy it was for me to get in here, past your secretary, who is simply adorable by the way. What makes you think your surveilance on me would be worth it? I'm not telling you to stop doing your job, what I am telling you is your looking in the wrong direction."

She stood and rested her hands on her hips, resting close to the crossed belts that from which hung her service dagger and disruptor.

"I'm sure many men fall for your games to distract them. I'm not one of them. I don't take orders from you...I take my orders from the captain and first officer. If they order me to stop the surveillance of you, or any other person, I will do it." Lucas looked at her. "So take yourself and your mind games and find someone else to use them on. I have work to do. You know the way out."

Kasha sighed at stepped off the desk, her cowl hid the scowl on her face, there had been very few men that had been able to resist her charm, and this troubled her. Turning so that she was now facing the door, she looked back over her shoulder to the Lieutenant.
"We could have worked quite well together, but I guess that just isn't gonig to happen. Your best stay out of my way, ther are few remains of those who cross me."

Without giving him a chance to respond, she crossed his office and exitted.

Lucas watched her leave and shook his head. "Crazy woman." He walked to his office door and looked out to make sure his secretary was still alive. When he saw that he indeed was still alive, closed the door and returned to his desk, and read the computer reports about the surveillance program.


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