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Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2017 @ 11:04pm by Captain Talloc Hagen & Lieutenant Lucas Jacobs

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Security Office
Timeline: Current

Following the meeting, Talloc left his Day Cabin and decided he needed to touch base with his senior staff, considering so many were new to their positions.
When the door to the Security Command Centre slid open, all the security personnel inside snapped to attention. Talloc regarded each of these brave soldiers of the Confederacy with a curt nod.
"I am looking for Lieutenant Jacobs," He ordered to the room, an officer stationed at the control console gestured to a side office. Talloc nodded to the officer and crossed the expanse, he then pressed the door chime and flexed his swagger stick as he waited for the Lieutenant to respond.

"Enter!" Lucas didn't look up, thinking that his visitor was a member of the security staff.

Talloc stepped into the office, he was without his bodyguards, they were out in the corridor outside the Security Office, and all he had with him was his service disruptor and swagger stick. "Lieutenant, I am making rounds of the ship, and I wanted your report."

As soon as Lucas realized it was the captain, he jumped to attention and saluted. "Sir! I didn't realize it was you. Please forgive my lack of attention. I thought it was a member of my security staff, sir!"

The Captain raised a gloved hand, and shook his head. "No need to apologise, Lieutenant, I expect a certain level of dedication to their profession. Now, do you have an update for me?"

"The stealth raider should be finished shortly. Lt Kendra and I have been working around the clock on it. We have encountered a few....difficulties but are finding ways to correct the problem. The security surveillance continues as ordered, indications of anything suspicious yet. And the security staff continues their training, sir!"

Talloc nodded, he had known about a lot of this information prior to his arrival, but he wanted to see just how his Security Chief was going to act. "Excellent news Lieutenant. Have you encountered any movement out in the Nebula?"

"We have detected some ships, they seem to be freighters, large ships detected. Once we have the raider operational, we'll be able to get a better look, sir."

Talloc clasped his hands behind his back. "Excellent, Lieutenant, have you detected any errant transmissions coming from the ship?"

"This ship, sir?" Lucas accessed his security monitor and checked. "No sir, no unauthorized transmissions coming from here, sir."

"I'd like to tell you about the continued training the security staff is receiving, sir. All squads, on rotating days, are receiving additional training in, physical training, self defense, boarding and repelling boarders tactics, weapons training, and training in the event that members of the crew attempt to kill you and seize control of the ship, sir."

Talloc nodded, he had noticed that the new security officers where starting to look like the Veteran Marines that they worked allongside. "Very good Lieutenant, you have stepped up since coming aboard, and I am impressed at what you have done so far. Your security forces will work quite well alongside out Marines and my personal Guard."

"I am honored, sir."

Talloc took a step back from the desk and nodded slightly. "Keep it up, I want you to continue that level of excellence."


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