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Talk with the Captain

Posted on Wed May 3rd, 2017 @ 5:24am by Lieutenant T'Kyth & Captain Talloc Hagen

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard: Bridge
Timeline: Current

The Captain retired momentarily to his day cabin to review updated intelligence information before he conducted an inspection to ensure the crew was up to task.
Looking down at his terminal, he brought up a systems diagnostic and frowned momentarily.
Talloc pressed the comm button on the corner of his desk. "Lieutenant T'Kyth, to my Day Cabin."

T'Kyth was walking down a hallway heading to the messhall for a meal after his shift had ended when he got the call, he turned a corner then found a nearby lift taking him to the proper level. He exited the lift then headed for the Captain's day cabin, once reaching the door he pressed the door chime and waited.

Talloc pressed the door controls on his desk, causing the door to slid openly silently. "Enter Lieutenant, I want to have a talk with you about the state of the ship before we take it into potential battle."

T'Kyth stepped into the room standing at attention with his hands clasped behind his back "Yes sir. What about the ship would you like to talk about?"

The Captain reclined in his chair slightly, before gesturing for the Lieutenant to take the seat opposite. "The Vanguard is a three year old Space Frame, the only ship built by the Confederacy is the Defiant, and she is starting to show signs of wear and tear. I want your opinion on the status of the ship, and whether we are encountering the same problems."

T'Kyth nodded then sat down in the offered chair, he sat there thinking for a couple seconds on what the Captain had said then shook his head "Currently no I don't think the Vanguard is showing the same problem, but more then likely it will be showing very soon."

The Captain rested his hands in his lap, he had worried that was what the young officer was going to say. "I see, Lieutenant. I want you to keep an eye on those stresses, and lodge reports on what repairs we need to worry about in the order they need to be addressed."

T'Kyth nodded at what the Captain had said "I will keep a close eye on the ship and the moment that I spot anything I will inform you right away sir."

Talloc picked up a clear glass container, a dark liquid sloshed inside. "Very good, Lieutenant, dismissed. I have taken enough of your time."

T'Kyth nodded "Yes Captain" He then rose from the chair, turned and walked out of the room.


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