What you leave behind.

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 1:15am by Captain Talloc Hagen

Mission: S02E01: Rebirth
Location: ISS Vanguard
Timeline: Current

Captain Talloc Hagen had been in his Day Cabin the whole night, sitting at his desk finalising the paperwork that a starship captain had to contend with every day. He looked around the office that been his sanctuary for nearly seven years. The wall behind him once beheld a collection of weapons, ranging from simple projectile weapons and intricate and ornate blade and staff weapons, now only the brackets remained.

A notification chirped on his desktop terminal. Talloc glanced at it and nodded absently, then stood. He turned off the terminal and collected his tunic’s belt that he had been hanging off the back of his chair. Affixing it to his uniform, he checked to see that everything was centred and sat properly before he stepped away from his desk. He stood for a moment to take in the office once more before he approached the door to the bridge. Pausing just outside the range for the sensor, he took a breath and then a step forward.

The duty bridge crew turned as the door opened and those seated stood to attention. Talloc regarded each of these officers in turn, he had taken the raw clay of uneducated, unwashed, underfed refuse of the galaxy and turned them into arguably the best crew in the Confederacy. He looked to the centre seat, his centre seat and regarded the young woman who sat in it. The two made eye contact and she nodded in silent understanding. Talloc turned towards the rear of the bridge and saw a trio of red-skivvied officers standing around the secondary tactical console. Commander Chris Abney had been before his betrayal, his first executive officer. Alongside him was Commander Milika Wild, Abney’s replacement and the mountain Jaffen, neither officer surviving long enough in the position to make a serious impact on the ship before departing, or in Jaffen’s case, never arriving in the first place.

Talloc took each of these officers in turn and nodded curtly before crossing the bridge, and entering the turbolift that appeared to be waiting for him. “Deck seven.”

The lift car slowed well before its destination and opened to admit a tall statuesque woman wearing a form-fitting black leather skinsuit with neck and waist armour. She regarded the captain silently before she rested the long, ceremonial sword she was carrying against a boot. The two rode the rest of the journey in silence before the lift car reached its destination. As Talloc emerged from the lift, the woman regarded him before speaking. “Thank you, Captain.”

He stopped and turned to face her. “It was no problem, Knight Sister, I hope you find what you are searching for,” he said, she simply nodded as the doors closed between them. Talloc turned and headed off down the corridor.

Passing sickbay, the double doors where open, revealing three women. Dr Kali nas-Khull, the Vanguards Andorian, first Chief Medical Officer looked at the captain with a mix of sultry ambition and disgust, as she had been slain at the hand of Commander Abney’s agents. Dr M’Rah stood beside her, the Caitian officer regarded the Captain with admiration, she had served the longest of all the ships medical officers before she decided to help the small Caitian colony on Trellis III. The third woman, Dr Brea Daar looked away as the Captain passed sickbay headed for the hangar deck.
The doors to the hangar deck opened in front of the captain to reveal a twin column of Confederacy Officers and crew lining the deck. Most of these officers were from the first intake of the Vanguard, the men and women who had joined him when he initially took command. He paused in front of a pair of officers. The captain clasped arms with Kid before placing a hand on Avara’s shoulder. He moved on towards a single Raider parked at the end of the column. He looked up and his gaze met a tall, blue skinned woman, with a thick mane of dark brown hair. He gave her a curt smile and she took a step towards him, a small duffle hung from her shoulder.

“Are you ready?” Tira’ridala Nev-Theyla asked as Talloc came to a stop in front of his Imzadi.
Talloc nodded and turned to the access hatch to the Raider, he immediately realised that the ship was the Girty Lue. Alistair Flagg emerged from the open hatch and took Tira’s duffle before Talloc turned to face Tira once more.
“It’s time to go, it’s been seven years, but who knows, maybe we will be back,” Talloc said before turning to the crew. He raised a hand and gave his crew a crisp salute and stepped inside the Girty Lue.